Finals 2017: War Diaries Week 17 – Dacia Leads

Welcome to War Diaries Week 17! This will be the last edition for this year’s finals, and what a tournament it has been! Dacia leads the race with their Wonder of the World and will most likely take the spot as the champions this Sunday. So sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy the last of Safiren’s War Diaries!

Today is the day when Final was supposed to end but when the last and also the servers biggest WWK landed on the PL/Prime WW we all got a big surprise! 90% of their defense vanished?! PL/Prime WW was zeroed, from level 81 to 0. I talked with the WWK account and I think they were the most surprised of us all. They hadn’t expected more than 1 or in best case 2-3 levels of the WW to be destroyed.

So what happened? A critical technical issue in the game caused millions of the WW village’s defending troops to starve. The development team decided to initiate a server rollback, and with less than two days left on the server, that couldn’t have been a fun decision. From my point of view, I prefer the backup as it only prolongs the server for two days, and it would have been extremely boring to repeat the whole of last week again when we already know the outcome! So on Sunday evening Dacia will reach level 100.

And Wwo knows? – if the bug had been allowed to continue, maybe no WW have been able to defend even against the Natars. That would have been a sight, wouldn’t it? All WWs zeroed by Natars (chuckle).

CSA will now be on of the most famous hammers in Final, the one we will never forget. Anyone, that remember when a  guy used farm list to send 1000 raids on a WW? That was a big crash lol. I think it took TG 3 days to restart the server. After that, we got the limit of 100 for a farmlist…


Maybe we shall have a limit on def in WW too? It should encourage smaller metas. This Final has been more fun and interesting because of several metas fighting in each quadrant. 

In my Corner, I have interviewed leaders the past days. They are all very interesting but I would like to recommend the one with the leader from Dacia, Emerik/Teutonic Steel, one of the most renowned players in Final history who now has secured his second victory. Dacia was also a part of the EU-meta that won the tournament in 2013/2014 when Italians were the WW holders.
The interview with Psycho isn’t bad either.

Thank you for reading Week 17, the final War Diary! We hoped you enjoyed the series and all the action on this fantastic tournament. If you have any questions or comments, leave them below. Otherwise, we look forward to crowning the champions of the Travian Tournament 2017 very soon! 

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