It’s Friday, and in the past week, the action on the Tournament 2017 has been really exciting! Since the Construction plans were activated, armies which have been building over weeks and weeks have finally been unleashed! Safiren, our official reporter has the details…

Every year there are players new to the Tournament, who are astonished that so many hammers are out marching when the World Wonders are at so low levels. But the Final is different than normal servers where you can wait to level 90 to send your WWKs (World Wonder Killers).

The players that enter the Final have one thing in mind from the beginning – We are here to win! The preparations for the Final starts already on the qualification servers. The alliances look on their own servers and the others for future diplomatic relationships.

You can’t win alone because the effort that is needed to reach the goal, to build to level 100, demands a high degree of teamwork.


We are talking about millions here. When building plans arrive and the hammers begin to march it is only about one thing – who has enough of defense in World Wonder so that it’s impossible to take it down more than a level or two – no matter how big the hammers are.

Dacia won that race. When building plans activated they had 32 million defense. 3 days later they had 78 million defense.

In this Final, we have many smaller metas and since they are smaller they haven’t as much defense and their WWs lose more levels from attacks so they end up in a build, lose, build, lose cycle. It’s a neverending story.

Todays biggest hammer is probably this:

Interesting to see that this amount of troops is possible to build on the Finals. Many of the WWKs we have seen are similar. It doesn’t differ much between them.

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