Welcome back to our last set of Player Interviews! In this edition, we interview top offensive accounts on the Finals, including their duals…

In this the last set of interviews we will meet two of the best offensive accounts in the Finals, Kova&Billy from !!CS!! and Ice&Fire from BAD. What is amazing is that both accounts allowed us to interview every dual as well! Thank you very much!
– Safiren

So, can you give the readers a glimpse of who you are behind the Travian player name and how long you have been raiding villages for?

[Kova&Billy] Kova741: I am Mario from Croatia, 32 years old, an electrical engineer by profession, and I’ve been playing this game since 2006.

[Kova&Billy] Billymadafaka: My name is Ivan, I’m 30 years old also from Croatia, and I currently live and work in the capital city, Zagreb. I always loved to play strategic games and discovered Travian back in 2009. Since then, I’ve been raiding other people villages. 

[Ice&Fire] Eugene: Diver. I have been raiding villages since the first attacker units were built.

[Ice&Fire] Vladimir: Lawyer. Played since 2008.

[Ice&Fire] Irene: Producer. I have been playing for 9 years.

[Ice&Fire] Gregory: Professor of philosophy and natural sciences. Played for 9 years as an attacker.

What skills have you learnt from Travian that have helped you in real life?

[Kova&Billy] Kova741: Its always hard to talk about yourself but if I had to choose something I would say patience. As I am a leader, to have a good alliance you must have a lot of patience with each player (of course it’s not always possible).

[Kova&Billy] Billymadafaka: I can’t say that I learned some skills from Travian, only improved it, and that would be organization.

[Ice&Fire] Eugene: I stopped wasting the time and understood the value of every second I have which you cannot buy back.

[Ice&Fire] Vladimir: How to sleep in snatches.

[Ice&Fire] Irene: I have learned to do without sleep for days, to wake up with no help of alarm when the crop is over. Got some team management and IT skills.

[Ice&Fire] Gregory: Seriously improved people management skills.

What was your greatest success in Travian as an offensive player?

[Kova&Billy] Kova741: Top 5 as attacker with 2 World Wonder hammer

[Kova&Billy] Billymadafaka: My greatest success in Travian it’s not only mine. Kova and I did it together, and it would be on the Croatian speed server, where we played alone, just two of us, with two accounts. We were in the top raiding alliance, raiding the whole server, destroying some top 10 alliances all by ourselves, and we were paid with artifacts to stop attacking. I was rank one attacker on that server.

[Ice&Fire] Eugene: I can remember many achievements, from snatching an artifact with a single hero while it was under transport to creating the World Wonder army.

[Ice&Fire] Vladimir:  Destroying the World Wonder, capturing the plans, chiefing powerful villages which threaten my territory and building the World Wonder.

[Ice&Fire] Irene: I love the memory of becoming the best attacker for the first time.

[Ice&Fire] Gregory: I’ve won a server 15 times with my alliance, including one time as the head of the coalition.

Why do you like playing as an attacker? What is it about this playstyle that you enjoy so much?

[Kova&Billy] Kova741: Basically when you are attacker you are the one that controls the fight, you choose when will you attack, as a defender you can just wait.

[Kova&Billy] Billymadafaka: Thing that I like most playing as an attacker is that you always need to be smart, you need to outsmart people behind accounts that you attack. Even those half active. You always need to pay attention, and there is that adrenaline you feel every time when you hit a good player or attacking as a team in an organized attack. There is also the number of troops which you can build and feed when you playing as raider/attacker and it is insane, as long as you are active. I love that.

[Ice&Fire] Eugene: Even if you play in the peaceful area of your server, you can always have fun being the attacker.

[Ice&Fire] Vladimir:  Such an active life always gives amazing results.

[Ice&Fire] Irene: I like the principle “divide and rule!”.

[Ice&Fire] Gregory: This helps me get rid of aggression and anger, besides, you have more opportunities to play fun as the attacker.

Did you ever starve your troops on purpose?

[Kova&Billy] Kova741: LOL, hell no, why would I do that?

[Kova&Billy] Billymadafaka: No. I never starved my troops on purpose. I love my troops. I did it many times to enemies by stealing food through oases, forcing him to send troops back.

[Ice&Fire] Eugene: Not on purpose.

[Ice&Fire] Vladimir: Constantly.

[Ice&Fire] Irene:  Such a weird question, of course not.

[Ice&Fire] Gregory: Didn’t get it.

If you could be an animal for one day, what would you be and why?

[Kova&Billy] Kova741: I would be a falcon. They are fast predators that can see the bigger picture and are adaptable.

[Kova&Billy] Billymadafaka: I would be a wolf. They are well organized and smart, working together as a team, and care for each other, and they are predators. Also, maybe we are animals? We are in the top 5 attackers after all!

[Ice&Fire] Eugene: The dog, I love to bark.

[Ice&Fire] Vladimir: Behemoth the hippo (have you ever tried to stop him after he accelerates?)

[Ice&Fire] Irene: I asked my teammates what animal do they see in me. The cat, the chipmunk, the polar fox and the wonderful creature unseen. I would like to become a big wild cat just like panther – I am amazed by the mix of power and grace.

[Ice&Fire] Gregory: Tiger, my closest spirit.

Thank you for reading the last edition of the Player Interview series, We hope you enjoyed them as much as we did! Thank you Safiren for finding the players and thank you to all the players who volunteered to be interviewed, you guys are awesome! If you enjoyed this series, let us know and maybe we’ll do it again for the 2018 Finals!