Contest Highlight: The Greatest Treasure…

Last week, we held our caption contest on the forums, where we asked you to use your imagination and finish a short story we wrote. We loved the submissions we received and decided to share a handful of them!

The Story

.. Years later he still remembered that night as clearly as if it had happened just a day before. Spirts of flame, dancing over the roofs, horrifying screams of people, blocked in their houses by the fire, huge plumes of smoke billowing into the dark sky. And him, the 8-year-old boy, who just found the greatest treasure that changed his life forever…

Participants were asked to imagine who the boy was, what he might have found, when, where and why this fire took place. Here are some of the more frequent answers to what the treasure was:

  • An artifact (speed boost, architect secret, faster troops training)
  • A hero item (Horn of Natars, Spear of Phalanx)
  • Dragon eggs and some other magical things (medallions, rings)
  • Friendship and love
  • A book that taught the boy to read and write
  • …courage. The boy found courage when he helped wounded after the fire, and it in turns helped him to become who he was now – the mighty Emperor
  • Family
  • A dog who led him out of the burning city and became his best friend
  • Freedom (the boy was a slave, he lost family in the fire, but gained freedom)
  • Knowledge (for example, how to rebuild a city after the fire and that made him famous architect / the ancient legend said that the only one who’ll survive will gain all knowledge of the world)
  • Character (the loss that he experienced in his childhood hardened him and he became a famous commander due to that)
  • The boy found freedom. (he was a slave, the fire took his family, but his master also died and the boy managed to escape)

Also a special mention: 
Demetrius struggled to drag the heavy wooden box, each jerk leaving parallel grooves in the sand. “More precious than all the gold in the kingdom”, the master had said, before he succumbed to his wounds. Demetrius pulled the box with all his might to get over a hummock, accidentally breaking open the side and spilling the contents on the flame-lit ground. Scrolls by Heron: Belopoeica, Mechanica, Metrica, Pneumatica and Automata.

Thank you all for participating in the contest! What a joy it was for the team to read your submissions. We love creating fun contests like these for you and really pleased to see that they are so well received. Which one do you think is the most interesting?

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  1. Come on guys. If you have the release date for the new 2x F&S servers, put them out. We have lives — you should be announcing a month ahead of server start so we can know what to expect.

    • Hi Spider Boss,

      Thank you for your message. We don’t have the dates just yet, stay tuned to our Facebook page for an announcement very soon!


  2. No. I’ll check the forums like I have for the last 10 years of playing this game. If you don’t post it there and I miss the server start — I won’t play and you won’t get my money. It’s pretty simple. Do a better job. I’m happy to pay.

    • Hi Spider Boss,

      Fair enough 🙂 As usual, we will, of course, share important information such as the Fire and Sand speed server starts also on the forums. We just announced that they will be opening in April! The server start calendar will be posted soon (on both Facebook and the forums).


      • TY for good news
        we are already a team with more than 100 players waiting for new ROA speed server
        see you all in April 😉

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