Travian For Dummies: 5 Tips for Scouting About

Scouting is one of the many keys to success in Travian: knowing what’s going on in your area and in fact all around the map will keep you secure and lead to better attack tactics. Long story short: information will win wars. Therefore, we assembled a few tips on how to use and train your scouts to the best of their abilities.

1) Team play

The Teuton scout, the Roman Equites Legati, and Gaul Pathfinder are the same in many regards but the Teutons have the economy on their side: Their scouts only cost you one crop. If you have an allied Teuton ask them to help you out as defensive scouts (to block enemy scouts). They consume the least amount of crop.

2) Upgrading is worth the price

Every scout unit can be upgraded in the smithy and you should really invest the resources to gain the upper hand when it comes to scouting the map. It will make them more effective against enemy scouts. Knowledge is power!

3) Do the math

In order for your scouts to be able to eliminate all attacking scouts of the enemy, you are going to need a lot more defending scouts to kill all attacking scouts, use the battle simulator to find out exactly how many. Also: Try to keep the minimum of 15 scouts in your villages to increase your chances detecting enemy scouts.

4) Be careful

Be careful of who your scouting target is. Never ever scout players who are obviously further ahead in the game and have a bigger, stronger army. They might be provoked.

5) Strength in numbers

In order to successfully scout, at least one scout must return – obviously. Since your enemy will most likely have counter measures, your chances of receiving a report are a lot higher if you send more scouts.

If you keep these hints in mind, you will soon gather helpful information for your coming battles. Happy hunting!

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