The construction plans will soon be active and the battlefield will surely be abundant with ferocious and intense fighting. Here’s Safiren War Diary Week 15, one day before the warring began…

Date: 22.02.2018

The tournament is looked upon with a great interest by the community, even by players of other servers. The most common question I get asked is; who do I think will win? 

I can’t answer that right now but I expect the following weeks to be absolutely amazing with a lot of attacks on WWs and Building plans. I’m a bit surprised that no real attacks (that I’m aware of) have been launched at WW villages yet, to delay the eventual construction. The Arabs did this in the International qualification 2 years ago.

So far, the information that I have received is that scouting activity with cavalry has increased the last days in order to discover what defense lies in the WWs.

I’m grateful that all WW-holders have accepted to let my scouts stay – finally. That will make it much easier for me to provide you with reports when the real hammers start to hit!

‘Wakeful’ from ‘Animals’ found a parked hammer, with a nice amount of catas!

As usual, you can find more details in The Corner.

Thank you for reading this week’s War Diaries, we hope you enjoyed it. We’re curious at how the events of today will change the landscape of the tournament. The next week will surely clear up things up with the hammer action that will surely happen! Make sure you don’t miss War Diaries Week 16.