Welcome to War Diaries 14 for the Travian Tournament 2017. In this edition, alliances are preparing for critical spawning of the building plans next week! Safiren, our official tournament reporter has the details…

There’s just one week left until the building plans arrive and everyone on the server is very excited! By now, players know (or should know) the coordinates of which each plan will spawn, bringing the already fierce competition to the next level. The Russians gave us a lesson from their coup last year and surely their rivals still have this fresh in their memory. Since then, new strategies and tactics have been planned and have waiting to be executed since the very beginning.

This event will be critical as it will define who will still be in the race for the level 100 World Wonder. It doesn’t matter how many members an alliance has or how many of the most desired artifacts they have claimed. If they don’t end up with the two building plans by next Friday, many would say that they’ve already lost. For readers who want to see an overview of where each alliance has settled, I made some maps on my Corner. The spawn areas are really crowded!

Besides the building plans, I stumbled upon this report while on the beat. If my memory serves me right, I’ve never seen so many hammers get caught in oases as in this tournament. The Turks are especially fond of hiding their troops there. A fast ghost hammer can easily kill the biggest part of the presumptive WWK as seen in this report:

Thank you for reading this edition of Safiren’s War Diaries, if you have any comments or questions don’t hesitate to post the below. Otherwise, see you next week for War Diaries 15!