It’s week thirteen of the Tournament Finals 2017 and Safiren has just delivered a new War Diary from the battlefield. Read below for her update on the recent happenings of this year’s epic and action-packed finals!

Last week, I forgot to mention that a WW has changed ownership. Red Calamity who was the second owner of the WW at -2/12 turned it over to Tommy Gun in the same ally, MAFIA. In the last Final, we saw their ability to cause a disaster around their area and they continue here.

WINter&Co is as hard an opponent on this server. If the rumors on the forum are true, Dacia and the GEP (Great EurAsian Project) have made an agreement to cooperate in fighting them. Who could believe that such a small meta could cause such turmoil that it takes the whole North’s strength to combat them!? Well, I know I’m exaggerating a bit but it’s fun and their defense points speak for itself:

They failed though when they tried stealing Animals’ Unique Eyes artifact, see reports in my Corner for more details.

There have been more leftovers tossed at the WWs this week, and sometimes many enough only a few survive. I’ve been wondering how long Tormentor will be allowed to keep his WW, as it is in nTPl O‘s area. WINter and MAFIA have also been sniffing around there and now Alkolamusy has been there too.

Thank you for reading this edition of War Diaries! If you have any questions or comments post them below, otherwise, tune in next week for War Diaries week fourteen!