Welcome back to another edition of Safire’s War Diaries! Each alliance’s territories have been clearly established and their diplomatic efforts are starting to get more serious…

Maps are intriguing. Don’t you think? I’ve always had a fascination for maps. From my childhood, running in the woods, my grandma’s old earth globe and nations borders shifting through history.

Did you know that Sweden was one of the great powers in Europe 1611-1718?  And now we are a peaceful nation in a corner of the world.

The Tournament has a much shorter history but borders move here too, diplomatic achievements change the possibility for success. With two metas in each quad the domination that is needed for a victory on your own has been severely limited. Strategic, a member of my Corner team, made server maps that show the development of the metas. The third map from 21 January have a big change in SouthEast, Prime abandoned X3 and joined PS, my birds say they want to win and X3 only wants to have fun.











Can the WW names give us a clue about what is happening? Maybe. In the NorthEast the final negotiations seem to be done. G&V WW has now been named Great EurAsia Wonder, sorry Wakeful, your WW has been degraded to decoy.

The WW’s of CeBAD, Mafia and X3 have the same name, ‘The Miracle of Light’, the Russian word for the Wonder of the World. Is that a sign? Do you remember? I wrote that Poland may potentially have more allies than it seems. I predict some serious diplomatic intricacies are in play if those plans shall be indeed, a reality. 

— Breaking news! (01.02.2018 at 14:00) Prime stole the Great Architect from ND. The PS/Prime WW chances of a victory have increased. Might an outsider get the victory this year?















Thank you for reading this edition of Safirens War Diaries! Tune in next week for a new addition.