Finals 2017: Player Interviews – hugo234 (NB-乾兌) & Evgeny (X3 WHITE)

We’re back with another edition of Player Interviews! In this round, we interview the experienced Chinese leader hugo234 (in-game: ‘qiongcun’) from the alliance NB-乾兌 in the south-east and Evgeny (In game: MalGanis) from X3 WHITE, a small Russian alliance also from SouthEast who conquered the World Wonder 100/-100 area from ND (Arabs).

So tell us a bit about yourself? How many rounds of Travian have you played?

hugo234 (NB-乾兌):  I am hugo234 from Hong Kong, started playing Travian: Legends in 2007 (on a Hong Kong server). I’m not too skilled at the game, but I was a well-known news reporter for the Hong Kong Travian: Legends community. I was asked to join the Tournament in 2013 along with the Chinese, Taiwanese, and Hong Kong communities. Therefore I gave up playing on the Hong Kong server and started playing the Finals in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and now 2017. So this is the 5th tournament I joined.

Evgeny (X3 WHITE): My name is Evgeny, I’m 29yo. From time to time I play Travian: Legends as well as other games, which help me to get my mind away from work. I think I’ve started playing in 2008/2009. My first experience on the international server was at the European Championships, where I was one of the establishers of the coalition Airborne. Afterwards, I had a long break and came back at the request of my friends to play the Tournament of 2016/17 in the alliance ‘X3’ which was a part of the alliance ‘Winter’.

What is it you love about Travian?

hugo234 (NB-乾兌): Travian: Legends is not just a game of war, it’s similar to the real world. Every leader needs to solve the problem, such as Alliance organization, spy tactics, diplomacy, management, statistic analysis, etc. It’s a great challenge for all leaders, especially as the Finals 2017 includes players from everywhere in the world.

I am not good at fighting, I am the worst warrior in ‘NB’ team. However, I am a good Travian: Legends news reporter. Therefore I can collect news and reports, then tell the story to my ‘NB’ members. It will be interesting and ‘NB’ members’ positive morale can be maintained. Though I am not the best fighter, I still respect all NB warriors. I take care of the management and statistics so that all other ‘NB’ warriors can focus on the fighting and raiding.

Evgeny (X3 WHITE): In Travian: Legends I guess I like most to communicate and meet new people. This way I got many new friends from different cities all over Russia and around the world. We meet in the real world as well, going on vacations together.

Have you ever wished you could put your experience as an Alliance leader on your resume or use it during an interview?

hugo234 (NB-乾兌):  Yes of course. I am also a civil servant in my real life. Therefore I hope I can achieve an officer rank, then I can use my management and organization experience from Travian: Legends on my job.

Evgeny (X3 WHITE): Never really thought of it. But I think my experience and achievements at work are not fewer, and could as well be highly evaluated by employers while considering my CV.

What does your Alliance’s recruitment process look like?

hugo234 (NB-乾兌):  All NB members are Chinese. Our warriors can invite their friends to join. Also, I will make advertisements on Facebook China.Travian: Legends forum, etc.

Evgeny (X3 WHITE): The recruitment process goes exclusively via friends and acquaintances. We have nearly no people aboard who play with us for the first time.

What has been most memorable experience as an alliance leader?

hugo234 (NB-乾兌): NB members always ask for war. It’s a challenge to choose the enemy for them. If the enemy is too weak, NB members will feel bored. Also, every Chinese ask me for crop (they produced too many defenses). It is tiresome to provide crop.

The problem of diplomacy solving. For example, Final 2017 NB joined with COF. However, I always receive NB members complaints that they are being attacked by COF and Adamus when NB is attacking Russia Prime. Therefore, ‘Mr Abby’ (my diplomat partner) and I were very busy solving the diplomacy issues and managing ‘NB’ member’s anger.

Evgeny (X3 WHITE): Most memorable events happen in fact now. We are left alone in our quadrant against an enemy, being outnumbered, and are massively attacked almost daily.

Choose your animal side-kick: Robot Unicorn or Shark with laser guns attached to his head?

hugo234 (NB-乾兌):  I’d say the Robot Unicorn is more attractive.

Evgeny (X3 WHITE): Since my hobby is scuba diving and I love sharks, clearly I’d pick a shark.

Thank you for reading this round of Player Interviews! We hope you enjoyed the read. If you have any questions or comments let us know by posting them below. Otherwise, stay tuned for the next edition in the next weeks of Player Interviews!