Finals 2017 – War Diaries Week 7 & 8: Architects & Artifacts

Safiren is back with another War Diary after her vacation over the new year. This time she covered two weeks worth of Tournament action! Artefacts have been enabled and the action is at it’s most intense yet.

The first half of the Final has been intense. The wars in the centre have been more directed at the target: To get the Unique artefacts and Great architects.

Dacia in NW and SPQR was most successful with Uniques, they grabbed 2 each. Diet and Trainer for Dacia, Architect and Titan boots for SPQR.

The four Great architects are divided on Cerber. Dacia, ND and SPQR which will give them an advantage in the endgame.

We have an uneven balance here between NorthWeast/SouthWest and NorthEast/SouthEast. The Western hemisphere has 4 of the 5 important Architects, 3 strong metas, BAD/Cerber&Co, Dacia and SPQR. SouthEast have very many metas in comparison. The Unique Rivals Confusion can also be used for WW and it is held of the newly formed Great Eurasia Project in NorthEast, Gallia! and Turkey. ND, Arabs hold the last Architect in SouthEast.

More about the artefacts in the Corner.

This server has been unusual in several ways, many small and bigger metas in every quadrant so no alliance has managed to be superior in their own. Metas that have been favorites before the start due to expected numbers have split and started in at least 3 quads.

Now we can add one more exception, already six WWs have been taken, all in the East half on the map. Only one with a Great artefact.

There is something with WWs that makes players crazy. Turkey took one, lost it to another Turkish alliance that obviously doesn’t want to participate in the Great Eurasian Project. NB, China, suddenly was the owner of a WW in the Gray zone far from their stronghold.

It was not approved by the leaderboard (heh, I wonder how they thought) so an exchange was fast made with Animals in that area. Well, at least he has Uniques Eagle Eyes.

A single Arab have taken a WW in the area, quite brave, behind the wall nTPl have built along the border. He is displeased with something, the WW village is named It’s Not Okay.

I think this round we will see an entertaining dance around the WWs, the owners can change from day to day, they will go up and down in pop – and who of all this will have a building plan?

Thank you for reading Safiren’s new War Diary. Come back next week for War Diaries Week 9!


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