Welcome to Week 11 of Safiren’s War Diaries. This year’s Finals has been incredible so far, great rivalries and epic battles throughout. In this week, artefacts continue to switch owners and a healthy amount of respect and sportsmanship is maintained between opponents…

I talked with one of the alliance leaders for Tæquila tonight, we spoke about how this Final is extraordinary, “beautiful” was the word he used. They’re having so much fun fighting and their main enemy alliance, Br Kiss, is such a great opponent.

It’s nice to hear leaders giving credits to their enemies, it’s real sportsmanship. We are here to have fun and to meet the best players in the world! This server sure has lived up to the high expectations we had before the start.

Several artefacts have changed owner this week too. Large Eyes from Tæquila to BAD, for example, and today a small fool was conquered by Uollas from BAD.


In my village, I’m struggling to get enough crop so I can feed my scouts in the WWs. It wasn’t a problem, to begin with. Crop fields are the only fields I build, after all. I have most of them on 8 and even one on 10! But – first I got 318 phalanxes on an adventure and thought I could keep and upgrade them, then I got 338 swords – Doh! Five adventures and only one gave resources.

I had to write to one of the WW holders and humbly ask for permission to use his WW to kill the swords. So tomorrow I will have enough crop to send again (chuckle).

Why ask? Well, I am supposed to be neutral, I can’t suddenly begin to attack without explanation!

For more details on this week’s Finals, head over to The Corner on the forums.


Thank you for reading this week’s War Diaries by Safiren! Tune in next week for another edition!