Finals 2017 – War Diaries Week 10: Looking for an Owner

Welcome to another edition of War Diaries. The war for Artefacts and World Wonders rage on as Alliances fight for these high-value targets across the battlefield. Safiren reports with details…

The second part of Final continues to entertain us with both artefacts and WWs changing owner. Only one of those I have had the opportunity to see have had a real defence but still only half of what you could have expected. In the Final where the possibility to get your hands on an artefact is a high-risk bet, every artefact is of interest to your enemies.

A Small Artefact has changed from Turkey to Dacia. ND and VN have lost two Small Boots to Prime and Lr. Small eyes have been transferred from Turkey to WINter. Vodka stole a Great trainer from CZ. Prime grabbed a Great storage from ND and SPQR took a Small storage from them. A small confusion was lost to Dacia by Animals. Adamus got a Small fool from ND. A couple of movements have been made between Turks in NE and Gallia! to strengthen the newly formed meta GEP maybe? Mosulea from Dacia H has a strange combination, two Small confusions and the Unique Diet.

All WWs have now been taken, this week’s surprise is that PS and Prime will have a WW together but there’s still a war between PS and X3. Mafia conquered one WW in Gray zone from an additional ND player that didn’t keep it many hours.

All in all, Russians (even if they belong to different quads) now has 5 WWs 3 in the Gray zone, one in SW (Cerber) and one owned by the alliance X3, seemingly abandoned by Prime. Turks have 3, one still belonging to the rebellious alliance Maraz, Animals in Gray Zone and COF in SE. Dacia, SPQR, G&V and PS are holding one each – and Tormentor from ND in close to nTPl is still there 🙂

I saw a player, Finanzamt, sending troops on several WWs. When I had time for a closer look at the reports this evening I discovered that he had deleted later today Wednesday.

More statistics in the Corner!

Thank you for reading this edition of Safiren’s War Diaries, Stay tuned next week for more action!

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