When you have begun to hold your own in Travian, explored oases around your villages, scouted the area and defended yourself against several foes, you might want to think about attacking other people. Today we are focusing on how to raid effectively.

Not only is it profitable and will help you reach your goals earlier, it is just plain fun. That is if you do it right and are successful. Here are 5 tips to get you started on the right path.

1) Find a worthy victim. This means scouting! And we mean a lot of scouting. It will take a while until you have found a player with defences you can break through and steal some supplies but it’s worth it.

2) Do the math. You are trying to make a profit by raiding, not simply wasting soldiers for a pointless victory. If you lose more than you gain by attacking – or about the same – you are wasting your time. Move on.

3) Know your troops. Some troops are ideal for raiding (they can carry a lot of resources and are fast) others are meant to really hurt the enemy. Read up on the stats of each unit and create armies that serve your purpose!

4) Combine your knowledge and add up the numbers: Your scout will tell you, how much resources your victim has, now you can calculate how large your army needs to be according to how much your troops can carry.

5) After you attack: Scout again. Keep taps on your opponent, you can find out how big their cranny is by checking how much resources are left after you are raiding.

As always: knowledge is power and when it comes to raiding, knowledge will translate into resources you can use to fight the big battles that are sure to come. Stay tuned for the next edition of Tips & Tricks, until then good hunting and thanks for reading!