Finals 2017 – War Diaries Week 6: Battle for Plans

In week 6 of the Tournament Finals 2017, the Alliances have chosen their World Wonders and the critical battles for the Construction Plan areas are intensifying. Safiren reports…

NorthWest and Southwest, two very interesting quadrants in many aspects. We have four metas and three of them, BAD/Cerber, Dacia and SPQR, have won the Tournament in earlier rounds. The fourth, WINter had a WW last time.

The fights in the Construction Plan area are intensive – it is also the area for the Unique Artefacts – so an area to strive for domination. BAD against SPQR in south and Dacia vs WINter in the north.

Each meta have chosen a WW. Cerbers responsibility is WW -100/-100. WINter goes for the Gray zone. SPQR focus is WW -100/0 and Dacia, of course, the middle WW in their area, -100/100.

Details and interviews in my Corner.

The small aggressive alliance nTPl O in SouthEast stills hold rank 1 as attacker and it is a rumour that ND is losing territory to PRIME and X3 around 100/-100.

We don’t have much news from NorthEast except reports from the border NE/NW.

My village is nearly in sleeping mode. Maybe I shall enjoy myself with all fields to two as a Christmas gift for being so dutiful in low building tempo.

Thank you for reading another edition of Safiren’s War Diaries, we hoped you enjoyed it! We will not have any new War Diaries over the holidays but it will be back in the second week of January. See you next year!

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