Finals 2017 – War Diaries Week 5: Targets Acquired

Welcome to War Diaries Week 5. In this week, Safiren reports from the Tournament Finals 2017 battlefield with some bold moves by competing alliances. The metas have made their World Wonder targets clear and competition for territorial dominance surrounding each World Wonder has already begun. Safiren reports…

SouthEast is a very interesting quadrant, with the amount of 3400 players and several strong groups, this will be a very exciting area. The concentration around the available WW’s has already begun. With 4 WW areas, this quadrant can be a mini server on their own.

The boldest of them all, I have to say. is nTPl (Poland) that with only 84 accounts have challenged the COF-meta (Turkey, 590 players), in the centre region. THe nTPl leader holds rank 1 both as attacker and on the Top10 attacker (Wednesday).

ND (Arabs) also a part of the Turkey meta and holds the 100/-100 area, they have Prime/X3 (Russians) as competitors.

China, part of the meta they too, is concentrating towards WW 100/0. Last time I talked with them they were attacked by Russians.

Vietnam moved to the other border WW at 0/-100. On the other side, in SouthWest, they have both BAD/Cerber and SPQR to compete with – and PS (Poland) in their own quadrant.

It’s lucky the Turks likes to fight as much as they do. Their whole meta will have their hands full to the end.

I got a lot of interesting leader interviews, enjoy them at my Corner!

In my village it is peaceful. My scouts are still bored, not many of the colleagues pay them a visit. I have finished my first trapper and begun on second and third. And! I have done all to one! (Laughing) I have to feed my scouts thought so the crop is on level 6, building on 7.

I have my chats and don’t need to feel alone even without an alliance but other lonely players aren’t so lucky. 

Another lonely friend, Ruffian, that spawned in NorthWest, joined a Dacia alliance but still feels alone, no communication. He is deffer, plays without gold but enjoys himself nevertheless. The 4th village now and building a defence. As for me, he has his income from auctions.

See you next week!

Thank you Safiren for your diary entry! We hope you enjoyed this edition of War Diaries. Tune in next week for War Diaries Week 6!


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