Finals 2017 – War Diaries Week 4: A Matter of Metas

Safiren returns to us with Week 4 of her War Diaries. The metas are beginning to make their mark in each quadrant and two giants are about to collide in the NorthEast. Who will come out on top?

Soon, the Tournament server will be active for one month! Time flies when you’re having fun :). This week I took a closer look at the NorthEast quadrant where we have two metas equal in size with around 500 players. It is the Turkey meta with MÜFREEZE as the main alliance, a splinter group from the COF meta in SouthEast and Gallia! an international alliance containing French, Indonesian, Scandinavian, Greek and Thailand players – and of course several players from other countries too.

During the qualification round, I spent some time with the Turks which was interesting and fun. They love to battle so, this will not be a quiet quadrant!

Neither the Turks or Gallia! are big enough to support a WW along during endgame, at least compared to the bigger metas in Southwest and NorthWest. But you never know, since we have strong competitors in every quadrant this Final, we might see some surprising turns in that matter.

I have now interviewed many players from the whole server, including the leaders from NorthEast and I’m satisfied that they have a good view of the server. As several of them had mentioned my Corner as a source to information, it looks as I have reached one of my goals; to ensure players are aware of what is happening on the server so they have more fun and can plan their strategies.

You can read the leader interviews in my Corner on the forum.

I have had a mostly a calm week in my own village. My scouts are bored, only single enemy scouts come for a visit and not as often as before. Although, I did receive a couple of raids. I recognized them as farm list raids so I wrote and asked the attacker to remove me – which he did, thanks ^^. I released his troops from my traps.

Oh –  and yes – my neighbour attacked me! I had only traps for two-thirds of his troops, so the next goal is to get the Trapper building up to level 20 🙂

– Safiren

Thanks for reading this edition of Safiren’s War Diaries. Tune in next week for week 5!

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