Finals 2017 – War Diaries Week 3: Quadrant Quarrels

Safiren is back with another edition of the War Diaries! In Week 3, the action is heating up after clear alliance rivalries have been formed in each quadrant. Players are starting to attack with catapults, making the battlefield even more dangerous! Safiren’s diary has the details… 

The third week has been amazing and more is bound to happen before it ends this Sunday at midnight. The fact that the server is so mixed in the quadrants guaranties a lot of action and the most interesting finals than ever before.

MÜFREZE (Turkey) and Gallia (France, Indonesia, Greece, and Scandinavia) are fighting for superiority in the NorthEast. WINter (Russia) and Dacia (Romania) are enjoying the NorthWest.

The SouthEast quadrant is becoming the most populated, overshadowing the others by over 1000 players, and also has the largest mix of strong metas. On one side, there’s the Turkish meta containing both Turkey, Arabia, China, Vietnam, and Latin America. On the other side, we see nTP, PS (Poland), Prime&Co, and TG with friends (Russia): All happily fighting each other. 😀

SouthWest is the quadrant where most players are eager to see the outcome of battle. SPQR (Italy) vs. BAD/Cerber (Russia) is an excellent match that will give us a lot of action to look forward to. SPQR was bursting with pride when they had zeroed 5 capitals in one night (one of them was Turkish).

If you want more details, you can read my corner thread on the forum. The second-week edition contains maps, interviews, and reports.

Regarding my village, I complained in one of my chats that I couldn’t decide if I should build a crop field to help my negative balance (-118) or build 20 more scouts. Thankfully, a member gave me an encouraging push and convinced me that I could do both! 

I’m very much enjoying my scouts right now. A BAD player sent 90 scouts against me, so I responded and told them that it would have been cheaper to ask! I have more crannies than warehouses, and a lot of traps. They got a laugh out of that!

Looks like the stage is set for some action-packed weeks! We hope you enjoyed this edition of Safiren’s War Diaries. Visit our blog next Friday for Week 4. Thanks for reading!


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