Finals 2017: Player Interviews – Vardarian (MÜFREZE) & Marcus Seh (Gallia!)

Welcome to another edition of Player Interviews! In this edition Safiren interviews two highly esteemed diplomats, Vardarian of MÜFREZE & Marcus Seh of Gallia!

Diplomacy is a very important tool in Final and so I searched for diplomats this time. Emirhan Vardar (Vardarian) has a long experience as a diplomat with many successful missions behind him. For example, he negotiated the confederation between COF and ND (Arabs) in SouthEast before he left that team.

nath (Marcus Seh) is Dual with Don Makaveli, the leader for Gallia!, A meta with players from many countries and as a retired diplomat myself – I know that it is a hard work to keep everything together.

Gallia! and MÜFREZE shares the same quadrant, NorthEast. Separately, they are too small to have a bigger impact in the endgame, and naturally, they should be enemies for the domination of the quad.

Tell us about the player behind the account and how far back your Travian career goes?

Vardarian: Hello I am Emirhan Vardar, 19 years old. I have played Travian for 6 years. So when I started this game I was a tiny little boy. I think I am one of the youngest leaders in the world of Travian right now. 

At the age of 14, I was called a co-manager named “North”, and that year I had partnered with that team’s leader. Then I joined the COF team at the age of 15 and I was one of the COF leaders when I was 16 years old. I was one of the leaders of the COF until I was 18 years old, and this year I left COF and founded the “Platoon” team. As a manager, it is always my duty to collect intelligence and to make the WW coordination. We did not lose any games in Turkey. I take the role of the leadership in detachment.

Marcus Seh: I have been playing Travian for 4 years. I usually play on classic x1 french servers, It is my 2nd finals.

On average, how many hours do you spend playing Travian per week?

Vardarian: I normally do 20-25 hours a week. I arrange most meetings and negotiations. However, during the WW period or the operation period, the week is up to 55 hours.

Marcus Seh: Something like 25 hours per week on average I think, sometimes more. Much time is spent communicating with players.

What is it about being an alliance leader that you enjoy so much?

Vardarian: Leadership for me means to engage your players and making them enjoy it as much as you do. Leaders must always be the foremost and bear the greatest burden. Remember, the battle is not the army, the commanders will win. Leadership is a job for me, a job I usually take on in my normal life. I am currently studying at a university, and I am taking over the Student presidency there. Section “Political Science and Public administration”. People who graduate from this department participant in politics and participate in government administration. So you’ll understand, it’s my life.

Marcus Seh: I think the best part of the job is that you meet many interesting people who are invested, like you, in the game and you always discover new ways of playing, ways to upgrade the ally organisation, etc. Playing the game is good, but solving problems or imagine new solutions, when it is quite hard, and seeing the results in the fact players in your ally have fun is quite exciting.

Can you give us a brief history of your alliance, how old is it, how it was formed?

Vardarian: “Platoon” is a new team. However, as teammates, we have known each other for years. We organize face-to-face meetings, and our families know each other. Even our parents are friends! The foundation of our team is based on the COF team. This year we left the COF as the ‘”Brain Team” and established the “Platoon”. I believe that this team will be successful in the future

Marcus Seh: Coq ally tag is quite new; it is only the 2nd server we play like that. Before it was the Ren Q and before, I was not there :D. Whatever, the main thing you have to remember about this ally is that Don Makaveli is the leader, and you have not a few players that continue to play together every server under his leadership.

What measures can you suggest to help other alliance leaders keep members loyal and do not backstab you?

Vardarian: A leader must be honest with his players before anything else. They should never lie to them, and should not “press” on them. Just as we are a family, a “chieftain” in our family, there must be a leader in our family. He must be a trusting, exemplary person and should always talk to them and listen to their troubles. He should also make friends outside the game. Last year my mother got sick and left us. It was really hard times for me, and she had been fighting cancer for a long time. During these difficult times, my mates in the COF team supported me in both material and spiritual matters and tried to help me. Even most of my relatives did not support me as much as they did. Thank you again and again for that. It’s not a simple game, it’s an online family atmosphere!

Marcus Seh: To be active in-game, to be honest with your players, to be there for players, and to show you know what you are doing.

Lastly, what would be your talent at a talent show?

Vardarian: In a talent competition, I think my talent would be able to convince people. There are so many people who think that I am really talented with this.

Marcus Seh: I can make animals in modelling clay (my best is the shark).

Thank you for reading this edition of Player Interviews, we hope you enjoyed it! The next edition will be next year during the second week of January 2018! Stay tuned!