Finals 2017: Player Interviews – Miko (Ghetto) & Emerik (Dacia)

Welcome to the first edition of Player Interviews! In this series, our official Tournament 2017 reporter Safiren interviews the leaders of prominent alliances on the server. The interviews will be conducted in a double style format, asking each interviewee the same set of questions. To kick things off, she interviewed Emerik, a.k.a Teutonic Steel from Dacia, a well known and respected leader with many Tournaments behind him and Miko, a.k.a Tuomiopäivä from Ghetto who is playing his first tournament as an alliance leader. 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how for long have you been playing Travian?

Teutonic Steel (Dacia): I’ve been playing Travian since 2004 from the first com1. There are many nice games out there, but to be honest, I don’t have time to learn new ones so I got stuck with this one. When I’m not playing Travian, I spend time with my family, I have a beautiful wife and 2 kids and together we enjoy the seaside a lot.

Tuomiopäivä (Ghetto): Ehm, 10 years more or less. Started when I was like 10 years old, thought my 1000 lego army was one of the bests on the server. After that, many long breaks, now I have been playing without breaks for about 1,5 years I guess, one national server, then qualifications and now finals.

How did you find out about Travian?

Teutonic Steel (Dacia): Can’t remember, I’ve seen some Ad, I was playing hattrick in 2004 when Travian started and I probably saw a banner or something.

Tuomiopäivä (Ghetto): Big brother of my friend back in those days 10 years ago was playing Travian and we were watching him play a lot. When my parents gave me permission to register with their email (didn’t have my own yet) I registered to Travian and some other places.

How did you decide on your alliance name? Why did you choose “Dacia/Ghetto”?

Teutonic Steel (Dacia): Travian takes us back in time and we see Romans, Gauls, and barbarians engaged in fantasy wars. Back in the day, present-day Romania was actually called DACIA and Herodot and other historians had good words to say about our Dacian ancestors. We honour them by playing Travian with Dacia name, it was the only option we ever had, no other option /name was ever considered

Tuomiopäivä (Ghetto): In National server before qualifications I created alliance named Tomato. I was thinking my own alliance like 24hrs before creating it so I had no idea about its name so it was Tomato first. Then I told my players to decide a new name for us. Someone got an idea naming us Ghetto so Ghetto it was and it has been since.

What has been the most challenging aspect about being an alliance leader?

Teutonic Steel (Dacia): Ohh it’s just an adventure every day. Just dealing with people, in general, is difficult, but trying to manage hundreds of players and convince them that your ideas are good is a task for Emerik Sisyphus (check The Myth of Sisyphus and you’ll have an idea what we are dealing with).

Tuomiopäivä (Ghetto): First it was difficult to understand that your players don’t see things like you do. You know, as a leader I have a pretty good picture of everything in the alliance, but of course, not everyone knows that much about the alliance, enemies, our map etc. It was quite challenging to understand it first. Also, starting a new alliance in qualifications, having 150+ new players, players were everywhere in our quad, not organized at all before that. I think it has been my most challenging task to handle that mess. I think I tried to do that whole server but in the end, it was still a mess.

What makes your alliance special compared to others?

Teutonic Steel (Dacia): We have a lot of veteran players who passed a long time beyond the search for personal glory. So in this regard, it’s a bit easier for us as a team to focus on greater things and follow greater achievements/tasks.

Tuomiopäivä (Ghetto): #1 Our organization here in Finals. #2 Our average player is better than the normal average player#3 We have some elite players.

If you could reincarnate as an Ice-cream flavour, what flavour would you be?

Teutonic Steel (Dacia): Mango ice cream, yummy.

Tuomiopäivä (Ghetto): I wouldn’t want to be flavour which we already have. I would like to make my own flavour: 50% Motor oil, 40% Sweat of cave man, 10% Blood of Multihunter (Forcefully taken).

I hope you enjoyed the first edition of Player Interviews! Stay tuned to our blog for the next installment. Thanks for reading!







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