It can be tough for newbies to avoid being farmed right away by their opponents who hold the advantage of having more Travian experience. But what is farming anyway, you ask? Well, farming means that another player has chosen your villages to be the targets of regular raids. If this player is successful in these raids, they gain resources and hero experience. They gather this experience if their hero manages to kill your troops. And they steal your hard-earned resources.

Here are ten tips for you to prepare for those veteran players on the hunt for a new farm. Don’t let it be you!

  1. Use your beginner’s protection wisely. Remember, you can extend your beginner’s protection by three days, and if you’re not a fan of attacking, you can spend those three extra days improving your crannies and defenses.
  2. If you aren’t using your hero to kill animals in oases, you’re better off spending your points on resource production. You can use a Book of Wisdom later if you want to reset and re-spend points.
  3. Make sure that your cranny capacity is higher than your resources so that your enemy can’t gain anything by raiding you. In the meantime, you can build up a defense to defeat their farming troops.
  4.  Try to become a member of a nearby alliance. A lot of players don’t have the courage to attack someone who’s part of an alliance, because they fear retaliation. A player without an alliance is a very attractive target.
  5. If you have incoming attacks, ask your nearby alliance members to send their heroes to your village if they can make it in time. The combined force should be able to defeat most farming raids and give you all a nice boost in experience. 
  6. Use cages to capture nature troops. Although they are very hard to find, you should try to capture elephants. They are the strongest nature troops and are particularly formidable in the beginning. If you can’t find them, the next best units are crocodiles as they are extremely strong against infantry. 
  7. If you think you’ll produce more resources overnight than your cranny capacity, make sure you spend them all before you go to sleep. Never give your enemies a chance to profit!
  8. Build enough scouts to defeat enemy scouts. Oftentimes when players are looking for farms, they will scout them first. If all their scouts are defeated, they will most likely assume you have a large defense in your village.
  9. Create your very own farm list. Remember the villages you’re able to attack and, after you raid them, note how many resources you earned by doing so. If your attack earned you a high return, that village might be a good farm target for the future. In other words – be the farmer, not the farm.
  10. When you’re looking to establish a new village, make sure you talk with your alliance and coordinate the best place to settle. In case you face a major attack, you want to be close enough for reinforcements to arrive in time. 

If you follow these guidelines, your first steps in the world of Travian will be a lot easier. We wish you successful raids and a good time in the game.