Are you prepared!? Just a few days left until the Tournament Finals 2017 begin!

Sharpen your swords warriors! There are epic prizes to be won and the most important bragging statement of the year is up for grabs. Only a few days left until the Travian Tournament 2017 begins! Are you prepared!?

With the qualification rounds over, we finally have almost all the players who will be worthy enough to step foot in this epic battleground. Congratulations to all the qualifying players and best of luck to those who have entered the wildcard raffle! Players from around the world are planning their sectors, analysing their competition and refining their strategies at this very moment. We’re super excited to see what kind of tactics are employed from our talented pool of competitors. The battleground only for the best of the best, after all, and the most important battle of the year – expect fireworks!

If you thought the bragging rights as the best of the best wasn’t enough, our prizes for the cream of the crop should encourage participants to bring out their ‘A’ game. There are three tiers of prizes. Reserved for the top players, a tablet valued at over €800 is up for grabs! Who wouldn’t like one of those!? Players who come into the second tier will be awarded a smartphone valued at €600. Perfect for those looking to replace their old outdated smartphone (I sure am!). Lastly, Vouchers for 1,600 Travian Gold worth over €50 will be the prize for those who fall into the third tier. For more information, check out our Tournament website here.

Don’t miss out on the action and stay in the know with our official reporter, Safiren- our eyes and ears on the battleground. Similar to the qualification round, she will keep us up to date with interesting and insightful news throughout the tournament. Expect details regarding major wins, defeats, new allegiances, betrayals and more. We’ll be sharing them on our Facebook page as her posts are published so stay tuned!

The tournament will start on November the 15th at 14:00 (UTC+1). We can’t wait to get this battle started and are looking forward to seeing all the great players and alliances from around the world fight for glory! Who will be crowned the champions of Travian this year? We will soon find out!

For more details about the Tournament Final 2017, head to the forum:




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  1. We all hope that we will have a nice server with epic battles and we pray that Travian Games team will do their job to provide a server without bugs, we hope it will not crash, we hope we will not see Error 404 screen to often 🙂
    And may the best team win !

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