It’s time to kick off our new Meet the Team blog series for all those wondering who are the people behind our favorite game on a more personal level. To start things off we meet Jay, the new Social Media Manager for Travian: Legends.

Hi Jay! So let’s start with a bit of your background. Tell us a bit about yourself and for how long have you been working at Travian Games?

G’day, I’m Jay. I’m from Melbourne, Australia and have been working at Travian Games for almost 3 years now. I first started here as a Quality Assurance Tester for Travian Legends and now I’m the new Social Media Manager for the game.

Tell us a bit about what you do as a Social Media Manager.

It’s my responsibility is to engage and support our players through each of Travian Legends’ Social Media channels. This includes Facebook, YouTube and our blog. If one would pop their head into my office they’ll most likely find me filming videos, creating content plans, writing blogs, moderating our channels, responding to private messages and furiously bobbing my head to music. It’s a new type of position for me so I’m also attending many workshops and training sessions throughout the week. The team has been really supportive and I’m extremely grateful! But to put it simply- I do the Facebook.

How does a normal workday look like for you? 

I’m what you would call a morning person, so I like to get to the office pretty early, when it’s quiet y’know, no distractions… peaceful. With this zen-like atmosphere, the first thing I like to do make myself some green tea and then answer all the private Facebook messages we received overnight followed by moderating our Facebook page. The rest of the day is spent planning/preparing new content for the next months and annoying my colleagues with bad jokes.

What would you say is the most enjoyable part of your job?

As much as I love shooting videos for our YouTube channel (I just have to laugh at how terrible I am at remembering my lines) my favourite part of being a Social Media Manager is being able to communicate with our players directly. One of my favourite past jobs was being a bartender/receptionist at backpacker hostel back home in Australia. Since working in an office, I really miss having that direct contact with customers. It may only be through Facebook or a computer screen but being able to help our players and enjoy the occasional chat with them (when I’m not too busy) really brings our huge community to life for me.

What are some of your favourite games?

My love of MMO’s is what attracted me to Travian. I used to be a hardcore World of Warcraft player but alas, I had to put down my sword and shield in order to pay the bills. I’m also a huge fan of Skyrim! I’ve spent so many hours there… days even. Months.

What’s the best thing about working at Travian Games? 

My colleagues, 100%. I’ve never worked with such creative, fun-loving and supportive people in my life. The company really is passionate about making our games the best they can be and working in such an atmosphere is really inspiring. But even though we work hard, we’re making games, after all, so we’re all about fun here.

Last question; favorite ice cream flavour?

Inception Chocolate. Chocolate flavoured chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and chocolate on top of that chocolate. Did I mention chocolate?

Well everyone, that concludes our interview with Jay, our new Social Media Manager. If you have any questions or want to say anything to Jay, please leave a comment below! Otherwise, keep an eye out for our next instalment of our Meet the Team series in December in which we will be interviewing a Developer. Thank’s for reading!