The second week of the Finals is over and our official reporter Safiren has delivered her first report from the battlefield! 

The Finals have started and I’m so excited! This will be the most marvellous Final ever! I have had the great honour to be invited to three alliance chats so I can follow what is happening in the game. The three Alliances are Ghetto, HUN and BAD. Thank you all very much for this opportunity! This first week the overall mission is to get a cropper so I asked in each Alliance how they had managed.

Did you get your croppers? How many bounced?

Tuomiopäivä (Ghetto): We had 23 croppers available. 11x 15c, 12x 9c. 5 of them were our ”most important” villages. We got 5/5 important villas, 11/11 15c and 10/12 9c. 3 players bounced atm, 2x 9c and 1x 7c so not many.

Baal (HUN): Unfortunately, we had some problems with settling, but yes many of our warriors got their cropper. Naturally, we have bounced players…sooo sad.

promter (BAD): 61 15c available, 14 taken by the enemy. 58 9c available, 15 taken by the enemy.

Do you have to share your area with enemies? If not, who is your closest enemy?

Tuomiopäivä (Ghetto): Yeah we do, HellasIn and HellasTB at least, players from HellasDT in qualis, same names 

Baal (HUN): Our closest enemy is WINter.

promter (BAD): We have Ghetto (spawns), of course, we have a lot of Italian spawns. Also several dangerous second settlements within the stronghold.  Dacia overlapping from the NW, Poland, Turkey and VN from the SE.

What is the highest level of crop fields in your Alliance? How much crop per hour?

Tuomiopäivä (Ghetto): 15c 50%  Level . 14337 crop per hour.

Baal (HUN): Three 15 c crop fields to level 8, 6000 per hour.

promter (BAD): 9c – crop fields level 8, production 3219.

What do you like best in the tournament? 

Ghetto Member 1: Losing your life to Travian again.  Just when you got it back.
Ghetto Member 2: It was a weird 6 weeks with no Travian nightmares.
Ghetto Member 1: Are you having Travian nightmares also?
Ghetto Member 2: If you aren’t having Travian nightmares you aren’t playing hard enough.

HUN Member: Hmmm …. the 10,000 players, the challenge and to see the big ones who think so highly of themselves bleeding. We’re annoyed, but we are never bored.
After a long time, there is a Hungarian team, which is not only 20 people. Interest coming, that’s why the Tournament is interesting.

BAD Member 1: More lag, cheap auctions 😀
BAD Member 2: To be honest personally I like Russian’s coordination, how they are organised and everything is well prepared. Surely there is from time to time, a mistake was done by somebody from the international team but their effort and communication are really on high level. I settled my 9c and already got like 4-5 messages (unfortunately in Russian) if I am off/def based, what are my plans are, that the oases are divided so I should be aware of that as well as if I can help after my beginner’s protection end with resources. It’s really nice to be part of a well-organised group.

And that’s a wrap! Thank you again to Ghetto, HUN and BAD again for allowing me to interview you all. It is always interesting to see what the common players do and their reactions to events on the server.

As for my own little village you ask? Well, I have prepared for the end of protection with three crannies, level 9 on trappers and researched scouts (got 14 on an adventure as I like to have many of them!).

I look forward to next week, maybe we will see the first catas rolling and zeroing croppers taken by enemies.

Thank you for reading Safiren’s first report! Stay tuned next Friday for War Diaries Week 3.