Tribe History – A Battle for the Ages: The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest

What happened in the Teutoburg Forest on the ninth of September in the year 9 CE, would one day be known as one of the most significant battles in the history of at least the Roman Empire and… Read More

Finals 2017 War Diaries Week 2 – Got Crop?

The second week of the Finals is over and our official reporter Safiren has delivered her first report from the battlefield! 

Travian for Dummies: 10 Tips against farming

It can be tough for newbies to avoid being farmed right away by their opponents who hold the advantage of having more Travian experience. But what is farming anyway, you ask? Well, farming means that another player has… Read More

Are you prepared!? Just a few days left until the Tournament Finals 2017 begin!

Sharpen your swords warriors! There are epic prizes to be won and the most important bragging statement of the year is up for grabs. Only a few days left until the Travian Tournament 2017 begins! Are you prepared!?

Meet the Team: Want to know who’s moderating our Facebook page? Meet Jay, our new Social Media Manager!

  It’s time to kick off our new Meet the Team blog series for all those wondering who are the people behind our favorite game on a more personal level. To start things off we meet Jay, the… Read More