All the qualification tournament servers are over and Safiren wrote a postmortem for us!

Take your time to read it while you prepare for the Finals.

“When the last Finals ended, flower, the leader for PAN (US alliance) said to me that she hadn’t realized how intertwined the different qualification servers were when it comes to diplomacy. 

And yes it’s true. To get the whole picture we need to look at all qualification servers. Players are very interested to know what happens on the other servers, particularly in the endgame. They want to know how their future companions/enemies have fared.

The outcomes decide which alliances will be dominating with their future metas in the upcoming Final.  The ones that didn’t do so well or those too small to form an own meta will be supporters and get their own tasks to perform in line with their capacity.

Usually we end up with 5-6 metas in the Finals, 3 of which will have a real chance to win.

So what can we expect? Let’s start with the international server.

It was won by Vietnam in cooperation with HellasDT. While they have played in several tournaments, this is the first one where they have played a significant role. I think they will cooperate with the COF meta from Turkey just like last year. 

Dacia is a highly respected alliance, which didn’t take the qualification seriously, but that will form its own meta. Czech will be one of their partners.

HellasDT had high expectations for this server; past qualifications have just been too easy for them. This time they saw fierce competition from several alliances from the Balkan and failed to reach their goal: the 4th qualification victory in a row.  HellasDT always plays with Russia in the Finals.

The Turkish alliance 1453 was there to grab more tickets for the Finals. They brought with them the fighting spirit from their home servers but do need to learn how to use trainers more efficiently. 

The international server also had a great variety of mixed international alliances. They have in common a lack of an experienced leadership team that will remains active for the whole server, and seemingly no interest to work in bigger coalitions.

An exception to the rule is Ghetto, who managed to stand their ground against Vietnam. They will require a leadership team if they want to cause trouble in the Finals.

Arabia, dominated by the NB New Dawn, talked about cooperation with Turkey already during last year’s Finals.

Russia have shown their superior skills and knowledge about the game in many rounds. To be able to beat them is the highest desire among their opponents. 

Germany saw the long-awaited comeback of Uollas. A comeback applauded by many and they easily won the qualification round. They will form their own meta. The question is who will join up with them? Many are willing but a lot of silence is all we hear. I know there has been contact between the qualification servers, but I don’t know of any results. A rumor says Poland from the Turkish server and some of the alliances from the German server might end up joining. Teams from the German server will join different metas like last year. HUN will team up with Dacia.

The Turkish, just like the Arabian server, has been very homogeneous, as they have learned to cooperate. Taiwan (China), Vietnam and Arabia. This will be a power to reckon with in the Finals. Poland had at least 400 accounts that qualified on this server. Well done. It wasn’t easy to qualify here.


From the French server, all bigger associations are still too small to form a meta of their own. Courted by alliances from several other qualification servers, it remains to be seen who they will join.

Summary: Dacia, Uollas, Turkey, Russia plus one or two smaller metas will be ready for the Finals.

Congrats to both, WW holders and players, who have put so much effort into making this a fantastic qualification round!

We all look forward to an exciting Finals that we think will be one of the best ever!”

The Travian Tournament Finals 2017 will start around mid-November. Stay tuned and regularly check our blog, forum and Facebook page for the latest news.

Your Travian: Legends Team