Simulating your battle is about to become better!

Travian’s battle simulator is in itself a very reliable war horse that we’ve all come to know very well over the years. Maybe it is time to teach the old girl a few new tricks though, wouldn’t you agree?

We added quite a few options to the calculations you can make. As you can see in the pictures, you now can include the equipment of your hero and determine if there is a party going on in the town that is being attacked.

Aside from also upgrading the looks of the simulator, things also get a bit more complex as well: If you want to calculate how reinforcements, even with artifacts, will influence the outcome, you can do so now. This will make your tactics and strategies even more precise and you will enter combat prepared in a better way.



We are currently in the process of tweaking the new simulator and applying the changes. Are you looking forward to the new simulator? Have any questions? Let us know!

One Comment on “Simulating your battle is about to become better!

  1. Eyes Artifact? Metallurgy bonus? Brewery? are they also included? Otherwise nobody is still going to use this over kiriloid

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