Comparison – Legends vs. Fire and Sand

When it comes to Travian, we like variety. If you have variety, you need an overview to make an informed decision. Therefore, we are about to compare our wonderful Travian: Legends with the oncoming special Travian: Fire and Sand.


Where do we fight? When does it end?

First of all there is the playing field to consider: While Legends is played on a Flat Map that measures 801×801, Fire and Sand is played on a 401×401 map of Europe. While Legends does not use regions, the regions of Fire and Sand are conquerable. This means, there needs to be a population of at least 4k in a region to unlock the battle for the regional power

The Top 5 alliances will each try to acquire at least 40% of the regions population, as soon as an alliances achieves this, a countdown begins, after it runs out, the region will generate Victory Points for the alliance. To help you navigate, the regions are color coded (visible when zooming out). While there is a World Wonder that needs to be built up to level 100 to win a server in Legends, the Fire and Sand server will end after a set amount of time.

Artifacts and Ancient Powers

In Legends, we are used to having artifacts as a major influence on the game. Our players can conquer them by sending their hero with their troops to destroy a treasury and becomes permanently active 24 hours after being conquered. In Fire and Sand, Ancient Powers take the place of Artifacts:
As mentioned before, they are tied in with the securing of regions by your alliance: the regional Ancient Power can be activated after you secure a region and have a treasury big enough. You have to actively cause the power to activate and 24 hours later you need to reactivate it – unless others will take control of your region!
While artifacts in Legends that have an effect on villages are always active for the village they are located in, the powers in Fire and Sand can be activated for any village of the person activating it.

There are also artifacts and powers that will take effect for accounts. In Legends, those will simply take effect for the whole account, the same goes for Fire and Sand but you will still have to activate it!

More artifacts! More powers!

Of course the number of artifacts and powers you can use at the same time is limited: In Legends, you can capture a maximum of three artifacts out of which only one can be unique or account wide. If you want to have more than three artifacts active in your account, the artifacts must be conquered by conquering the whole village that holds them. Only the three oldest artifacts are active out of which only one can be unique or have an account wide effect. In case there are two account wide effect artifacts amongst your three oldest artifacts the fourth oldest will become active. An exception applies in the case of self-capturing: you can switch artifacts between villages of your own account with the hero, even if you already have three or more artifacts.

For Fire and Sand players, things will be a bit different: You can activate one Ancient Power with a  focus on your account and you can activate one Ancient Power with an effect on a village per village. As a third limitation, you can only activate one power per village, no matter if they affect your village or your account.


Trading and Troops

In Legends, you have more restrictions when it comes to the movement of your troops: merging and forwarding are not possible, while in Fire and Sand it is possible. Trading on the other hand is more restricted in Fire and Sand: You can only create trading routes to your own villages while in Legends, you can do that and also create trading routes to the Wonder of the World of your allies and to villages with artifacts inside your alliance.

But of course, the most obvious change in gameplay is of course the addition of two new tribes to the classic three: Travian: Fire and Sand will feature five playable tribes, the Huns and the Egyptians being the new additions.

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