Travian: Fire and Sand – Round-Up

Heroes of Travian! The sound of war horns echoes across Ancient Europe once more. Players worldwide sharpen their blades in anticipation of this year’s annual special – Travian: Fire and Sand, launching September 2017. Now’s the perfect time to round-up what we have in store for you!

Two new tribes

Travian: Fire and Sand will be introducing two all-new tribes: the Huns and the Egyptians, each of them coming with special units, a unique hero ability and a dedicated building.

Being a nomadic tribe, the Huns command an army of horse riders: efficient archers, fast scouts and incredibly strong Tier 6 Stable units. Those who underestimate the Huns’ infantry though, will soon find themselves in peril.

The Egyptians are master builders and traders, so it is no surprise that their troops are rather cheap. That doesn’t mean they are weak – the troops work well in large groups and will ruthlessly overrun all who stand in their way.

A trusted setting

Following the tradition, this year’s anniversary special will take place on a map of Ancient Europe. In the beginning, only center regions can be settled. Over the course of the round, adjacent regions can be settled as the players’ population grows.

Do you have what it takes to leave your mark and expand your empire by conquering regions holding mighty ancient powers? Be warned, the 401 x 401 squares will be fiercely contested! The opportunity to merge and forward troops allows you and your allies to answer attacks on your valuable regions efficiently.


To wrap things up, Travian: Fire and Sand offers unique features, bloodshed battles and strategic challenges for all heroes around the globe:

  • 2 new tribes: Huns & Egyptians
  • Ancient European Map (401 x 401 squares)
  • Players have to battle for regions in order to gain Victory Points that determine the winning alliance
  • Speed x1
  • Troop Merging & Forwarding