Last time, we introduced you to our vision while creating the Huns for our annual special. A lot of thought went into creating the specific units and abilities of that new tribe. The same effort went into creating our version of the Egyptians.

They were always envisioned as the richest among all the tribes, which of course leads to a fast economic and military progress. In turn, these riches make them an attractive target for every other tribe! Furthermore, they have a tough time defending themselves against cavalry.

In the Early Game, an Egyptian should simply focus on resources and only invest in troops, if there are already cleaned oases to raid nearby. An alternative strategy would be a focus on reaching the tier 2 unit Ash Warden as fast as possible, since defending with the Slave Militia would be cost effective – over time though, this turns around and becomes really expensive.

In Mid Game, they should try to find allies so they are well defended as well as turn their village into a true economic empire! They need to gain their oases bonus because this will put them ahead of virtually any other tribe when it comes to resources.

Did the Egyptians catch your interest? Have any questions? Just let us know!