When the Travian team decided to include two new tribes in this year‘s annual special, we did not make that decision lightly. It was a tough call to make but ultimately, we were extremely excited to come up with entirely new tribes. Quickly, a vision for the Huns formed

We envisioned specific experiences for the tribes in general as well as how their game experience would change from Early Game to Mid Game. Like their historic counterparts, our Huns, we decided would have fast horses that give the player the option to disturb the progress of the enemy’s economy and troop buildup. Their high movement speed was also supposed their biggest defense, since their defensive capabilities in direct combat do not measure up to the other tribes.


That high speed is elevated even higher, when the Huns’ hero comes into play, who gives the cavalry units an additional bonus on their speed. The Huns are therefore perfect to really annoy the enemy with guerrilla tactics. The Huns’ special building gives them the ability to use more chieftains, who they call Logades.


In the Early Game, Huns should be very aggressive and go for oases and if the player is really good, they could attack their neighbors right after beginner’s protection. This tactic puts a strong focus on troop production, so the Huns should remember to keep an eye on their culture points.


Instead of building up great cities and maintaining a solid infrastructure, Huns need to keep attacking the enemy during Mid Game to ensure the other fractions do not reach the Late Game.


Did the Huns catch your interest? Have any questions? Just let us know!