Summary of South-East +|- on international qualification by Safiren

This quad is home to HellasDT, a Greek alliance with 223 accounts. HellasDT has won the COM qualification round two times in a row. They are a well-organized alliance with experienced players. They have settled in the area where building plans are appearing, as well in the area of 100/-100. Interestingly, they are confederates with Arabs, CheckerB, who they fought on the last COM qualification server.

Interview with Arxontas from HellasDT

Arxontas: I’m really sorry to say but I don’t have any opinions yet; it’s too early in the game. No one knows who is playing to win and who is playing just for fun.

You know that I always speak on the basis of facts, not rumors.

The only thing that I am sure about is that we are going to try to win our 4th international qualification round in a row! Our first was on Balkan and the second on the international server.

Now we’re going to try for the 4th.

Safiren: I wish you good luck. 🙂 It’s a pity you aren’t playing against the Russians in the final. They could use more opposition.

Arxontas: It’s nice to remember what has happened over recent years:

2014 was a great win against the Romanians.

2015 was our second easy win against DI.
2016 brought our 3rd and most epic win (until now)

That’s the history so far and I think it’s good to see these things on your forum. It’s important for those who have won as well as those who have lost, because they have still fought well.

It reflects the efforts of many people and it is important not to forget that.

The Arabs surprised us all on the last qualification round when they brought 2,000 multi accounts with them. Most of them were eventually deleted. They didn’t repeat that in the same scale this time, but it seems they will only have one alliance of their original four once the MH has finished. CheckerB seems to be the alliance with the real players (60 accounts).  CheckerA has been deleted. Ch3ckerB have all been banned and checker1 has had most of its players deleted; although I wonder why they didn’t delete all of their players.

They call themselves A – Apsurdistan. They are from Croatia and the surrounding countries. Including wings and confeds/NAPs, they encompass 284 accounts.

Interview with Hannibal Lecter from A

Safiren: You are a new alliance to the tournament but perhaps you have an initial impression of the other nations in your quad: HellasDT, Italy, Arabs and Pleb?

Hannibal Lecter: HellasDT, in my opinion, entered the qualification round as favorites (here we’re trying to deny them that), Italy is an alliance I see settling the Teutons on c9. Most of the Arab players are inexperienced; I don’t know much about them and they have not really been noticed. Pleb has unsettled players in their alliance. This requires some attention and a solution within the alliance. Otherwise, they will find themselves with many enemies.

Safiren: In NE, Vietnam and Balkan are fighting each other. Who do you think has the best chance of dominating?

Hannibal Lecter: Balkan is of course dominating!

Safiren: Do you have an opinion on the other quads? Turkey? Dacia? The international teams like [SS], Navy and QuT?

Hannibal Lecter: If they have figured out the players as they should have, there will be good rivals among them, you never know.

Meeseeks looks like an interesting ally. They are concentrated towards the gray zone and the former Pleb alliances are now a wing under the Schwifty flag. What’s also interesting is that they have an NAP with 1453-M, a Turkish ally, and together they cover a decent area around the gray zone. All in all, they have 147 accounts. I didn’t get an answer about their NAP with 1453-M.

Interview with Stardust from Meeseeks

Safiren: Can you tell us about your alliance and where you come from? Have you played the tournament before?

Stardust: What is your opinion about the other metas in your quad? Such as Vietnam and Balkan? Are they good players or bad?

Safiren: We are a new alliance from all over the world. It’s our first time playing the tournament.

Stardust: Vietnam is creating some problems around NE; they have deleted many Balkan players. This has caused Balkan to split up and two alliances have emerge from the breakup: Ghetto and Rise.

We have just defended four attacks from VN that have pushed us up to rank 1 in defense and they killed two of their hammers and received serious damage to another.

SE is a quad with many active alliances. Maybe HellasDT will have a tough fight for their 4th qualification victory.

Meeseeks is rank 1 among the top 10 attackers, with 220,000 points. A is rank 6 with 169,000 points. S&G holds rank 10 with 150,000 points.

Meeseeks holds rank 1 among the top 10 defenders with 92,000 points. HellasDT occupies rank 5 with 56,000 points. A comes in at rank 9 with 45,000 points.

SE is a quad where the fights for building plans can be quite interesting. Will the A meta be able to keep up their aggression against HellasDT?

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