Turkey is concentrated to the area in center, but they also have clusters a bit farer out. Many of their accounts have been banned/deleted. 386 accounts in all.

Interview with Mermi from 1453-M

Safiren: You have changed your name to 1453. I recognize that name from earlier qualification rounds on the Turkish server. Can you tell us more about your alliance?

Mermi: 1453 is a very important point in the history of Turkey and also represents a turning point for the modern ages. It symbolizes a beginning. In 1453, the Ottoman Empire conquered Constantinople from the Byzantine Empire. That is the turning point. This is when the Middle Ages entered a new era. As 1453, we have been working together for three years.

This year, we will re-encircle the final server with 1453 Ruhu, which will not only be with Turks, but also a broad ethnic participation in the Ottoman philosophy. We have many allies that have been cleared. We have to share information in greater detail (defined duties and responsibilities) before the final siege.

Safiren: You share your quad with QuT, Hippo, RAOR and Hooligan. What is your opinion about them? Are they good or bad players?

Mermi: We are recruiting on the COM server to increase our participant capacity on the final server and also to increase the co-ordination power within our existing team. We have not had a chance to complete final training in any other country. We will do a final rehearsal in our quad, and we will partner with other key organizations there for success in the qualification round.

Our basic prerequisite is to win the qualification round. We will discuss details on this fundamental idea. All organizations that do not act in accordance with this core principle within the quad are competitors for us, and we’re doing what we have to do. There are players in our division who are only playing to participate in the finals. It is therefore too early to comment on the other organizations. At first glance, all the other factions in our quad are very good and the dominant faction in terms of territory on our server is strengthening this opinion even more.

The friendships that will start here are also important for the final siege; we will have a diplomat structure, including regional and non-regional organizations and plans for the final server.

Safiren: Do you have an opinion about the other quads? Namely: Dacia, VN, HeellasDT, A and Balkan?


Mermi: There are excellent teams that have proven themselves in other regions. They are all worthy of each other. This includes last year’s champion HELLAS DT, the most crowded organization on the server VN, the highly qualified final champion Dacia, and the broad-based Balkan. We can engage in diplomacy with other organizations that are not considering constructing a WW on the server, except for the regional alliance and competition. It is important for talismans to emerge and form leadership organizations in the regions. We have a very important union, including for the finals. Let’s explain this surprise on the basis of the reports.


There are several international alliances in NE, and QuT, RAOR and HIPPO have clustered together. The fights with the Turks are intense.  In total, this involves 162 accounts.

Navy has split and members have moved to Hippo. A Malaysian alliance can also be found here.


Turkey vs QuT. Someone forgot to send the catapults. There aren’t enough rams here either.

A “follow home” on one of the hammers.

This is also a quad where the fighting is hard.

Top ten attacker: 1453-M holds rank 3 with 183,000 points, 1453 D occupies rank 5 with 188,000 points. QuT holds rank 9 with 151,000 points.

Top ten defender: QuT has rank 3 with 74,000 points, 1453 D holds rank 10 with 43,000 points.