Time for maps! I like maps and I hope you find them interesting too. 🙂 I have a lot of reports, so I’m not sure if I have enough time to add them all, and I’m still waiting for answers on a few interview questions. I’ve checked all the numbers and rechecked them; this is from July 11.

Read and enjoy!

Let’s start with Vietnam, the meta with the most accounts (477). We have the main meta comprising 284 accounts, which they refer to as LF, as well as supporting alliances with 193 accounts. 25 accounts have spawned in SE and these have moved out as far as they can.

Interview with dolongdao, from the meta VN

Safiren: Four weeks have passed and you are now the biggest meta, both on the server and in your quad. How is the situation in your quad? You have Balkan as an enemy, I suppose, and you are quite mixed up with them. Are they good or bad as players?

meta VN: This is just the beginning of the round. At the moment, the VN and Balkan metas are at war in the North-East; the planning and process of building the WW will be difficult for both sides. The competition is quite equally matched and I believe our opponent has good players. In my perspective, the stalemate will only be settled with the artifacts.

Safiren: You played on the Turkish qualification server last time. What is the difference between the Turkish server and the international server?

meta VN: The international server is quite different from the Turkish server because we have many teams from many different nations that have come together; collaboration will take some time, it won’t be easy and war is ever-present. The meta that is best developed can exploit the advantages of diplomacy, and cooperation will raise their positioning on the international server. In terms of the Turkish server, a few nations have joined and the power of Turkey is so great.

Safiren: Do you have an opinion about the other quads? Who will win the battle for domination in SE? Hellas or Apsurdistan?

meta VN: What’s more, other areas also have different contests: Croatia (A) is fighting with Hellas; Turkey is demonstrating their strength to Scandinavia, and Czech and Dacia are able to work together to clean up the rest of their group. I think they are all great, but Hellas is better prepared and more systematically organized than the others, and they have already had a history of winning the COM qualification round.

The second meta was Balkan with 320 accounts, but they were breaking up at the time of the interview below and, for now, it’s hard to determine who are still cooperating; there are 188 accounts on this map. LSF supports them I think. It’s rare to still see alliances that are spread over all the map, but obviously they exist. It seems like they are hunting for small artifacts. There is also a small Balkan alliance with 8 members in SW.

Ghetto has provided me with some amusing reports from a war with Vietnam, as well as an interview on the Balkan breakup. 136 accounts.

Interview with Toumiopäivi, from Ghetto

Safiren: Can you tell us about your alliance and your confederations Rise and RoG? Where are you from? Have you played the tournament before?

Toumiopäivi: So almost all of us started in Balkan, but I have to say, it was perhaps the worst leadership I have ever seen in my Travian history. We wasted almost a month without doing anything good as a team. I think I was the first one who became frustrated and decided to start from scratch with a new alliance. We got every player we wanted and needed, and here we are. There were too many guys for just one alliance so we also started Rise. RoG started later and is also affiliated with us.

This is a completely new alliance and we have players from all over the world: Romania, Russia, USA, Finland etc. I think we were kind of an underdog because we didn’t know each other at all before the server and we had no plans as a team. We had also had a very bad alliance beforehand, but luckily our enemies here aren’t that good.

Safiren: As I understand it, you are fighting against Vietnam. What is your opinion about them? Are they good or bad as players?

Toumiopäivi: I don’t know if we are really at war. But, yeah, we’ve had a couple of fights with them. Are they good or bad? Maybe they’re good guys, but in Travian? I don’t know if you can even call them players.

I have seen many of them get banned; 10 isn’t enough at all. I’ve heard rumors that they set up multiple accounts and got banned afterwards. Actually, I have some evidence about that too, but those guys are already banned. After all, I really hope everyone with multiple accounts will get banned sooner or later, and I’m pretty sure they still have some people with multiple accounts.

Safiren: What do you think about the other metas on this server? Like Turkey, Dacia and HellasDT?

Toumiopäivi: I have focused all my concentration here, so I don’t know much about other metas. I have heard rumors about Turkish; apparently they have been using multi accounts too. I have never heard of Dacia and HellasDT. Are they some kind of alliance or something?

We have 11 smaller alliances with 5 to 14 members. IKEA, a Scandinavian alliance, is moving out into the woods together with One; C.B is as well, but in another direction. Deranged, an alliance from NL comprising 9 members, state in their profile: “Small group causing lots of trouble”. If that really is the case, they should have clustered together instead of spreading out over such a large area. Well, it’s been a week since I started on this and there are only 3 members left: 1 has been banned, and 4 accounts have been both banned and deleted.

The fight here will be between Vietnam and Balkan/Ghetto with their friends – amounting to half the size of Vietnam. Size isn’t everything, people say.

Balkan is rank 2 within the top 10 attackers, with 206,000 points; Vietnam has VN1 with 165,000 points at rank 7, and VN2 with 150,000 points at rank 9.

In terms of the top 10 defenders, Balkan holds rank 2 with 84,000 points, Ghetto rank 4 with 69,000 points, and Rise rank 5 with 65,000 points. Balkan C holds rank 8 with 46,000 points.

WW areas: Vietnam have alliances dedicated to the gray zones at 100/0 and 100/100. Before the schism, Balkan was building strongholds near 100/0 and 0/100.

It will be interesting to see how this develops.


Vietnam vs Ghetto. I recommend the use of rams and catapults; in fact, the more the better.

Several waves of catapults…