Statistics of the 1st month of the international qualification server by Safiren

I’ve been asked about the same statistics for the other qualification servers. Don’t worry, they will follow soon.

SW is a good quad for simming. 7 of the largest players belongs to -|-, allys ~SS~, SAM CZ and Dacia.

~SS~ is also the biggest alliance but HellasDT, Meeseeks, S&G and checkerB are situated in SE +|-.

Mermi is so far the most successful attacker, a Turkey player from 1453-M. Alliances in SE Vietnam players hold many of the other ranks in the top 20.

We have several mixed alliances that are new to the tournament. Meeseeks is one of them.

Rank 1, poorguy, belongs to a small alliance, shdc, with 4 members situated near the center in SW. Many of the others come from NE.

It’s quite clear where the toughest fights are. 7 in the top 10 come from either NE or SE.

jofreca from Balkan has held the top hero position for a long time in competition with Dieux from [SS]; when I last checked, Dieux had 79,697 points and came in at pole position.




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