Today we’d like to introduce you to Safiren. She’s the official reporter for the international qualification server for the 2017 tournament and she’s helping us by providing insights about what is happening on the international server. You might have already seen her section on the COM forum; if you haven’t visited it yet, you should – it’s full of fascinating information and interesting news.

You might wonder why I’m doing this. It started in February 2008 when I had a lot of friends playing Travian, but I had refused to join them so far. My youngest son complained, “There’s a lot of mean players around me.”


“Okay,” I said, “maybe I can help you.”


I started on It was 4 months into the server. I convinced a dozen friends from our Amiga Computer Group to follow. We grew quickly and our alliance was soon within the top 20 population ranking. We were all noobs in the game, but we knew how to gather information, and we had an advantage: We knew how to communicate effectively. Back in those days, virtually all communication between players was done through the forums. As computer nerds, we had been using IRC for many years.

People noticed that it was impossible to raid us or to conquer our villages, and we had also conquered a decent area where we had clustered and cleared the area of other players. We managed our alliance like a company; we sold shoes. Our farms wrote in their profiles that they were proud to buy from us. We sent reinforcements to the villages we wanted to conquer. “To show them our collection of shoes,” we would say when the owner asked why. One of them said she would never again buy high heel shoes from us, her Amazons couldn’t stand and fight.


We received an offer to become a wing of the meta in our quad and we accepted; they wanted us to take in players for whom they hadn’t sufficient room in their alliances. They were not happy when one of the WWs showed up in our area and, of course, we couldn’t let it be. The leadership could have told us their plans and that we had a confederation that should’ve had that WW. But as we were noobs, we had not been informed…


Well, we manage to build our WW up to level 69 before the leadership put their foot down and forbade us to continue.

Another thing that we found rather funny was that our leader tried to forbid us to use IRC because it gave us too much of an advantage.


I started on a new, slow server in fall 2008. I played 20/24/7. One of my friends asked, “Safiren, why are you green?”  She had never seen me in anything other than blue. Next summer, my husband had enough of my gaming; it had affected my home, family and work. When s4 ended, I had to leave the game.


I was still massively addicted to the game; I began to read the Swedish forum. I could barely contain my delight when I found a quartet writing a newspaper about s2. I asked to join in and that is how my career as a reporter began.