Fire and Sand: Feedback from the Closed Beta

Some of our players were lucky enough to take part in the Closed Beta of this year’s special with the title Fire and Sand. Those players were the first to really get to know The Huns and the Egyptians and have come back to us with a lot of helpful feedback. These beta players play an important part in getting the special ready for all of you.

Let’s take a look at some of the things your fellow players had to say:

“Good day. I really liked the new Nations in the game. Please add the Russian language in the game. Thanks in advance. With respect Shulc.”

“My initial thoughts are: I like the expanded maps and the zones, I am not sure about the changes when it comes to the interface yet. New tribes I cannot yet comment much on as I have not yet seen it all.”

Well, the player quote above must certainly be from somebody who did not yet play or encounter one of thew new tribes. Let’s see what the others have to say:

“I loved the Egyptian Tribe, it’s awesome for a long time defensive player of Travian.”

“I am still testing the new tribe so I will comment later. But in my opinion it is interesting to have five tribes in the game.”

“I think that with this new army, Travian will be better and more interesting! I believe that you will also improve the other things that are still missing in the special. I’m glad you’re improving the game!”

“I am still experimenting with the special but very interesting. I like the new tribes!”

“The concept of the new tribes is very good. The tribes are very well put together. And provide a lot of diversity to the game.”

Overall, the new tribes were welcomed with open arms but – as is to be expected in a Beta – there were some concerns when it comes to the balancing of the strengths and weaknesses of the Huns and the Egyptians:

“You did an awesome job! I do worry a bit about the Egyptians, they seem to be a bit overpowered compared to the Huns.”

“So far, I really like the Egyptians. I think the double hero resource production is a great way to diversify strategies early in the game. Some aggressive players may still find the tribe useful; however, more casual players can maintain a healthy support role with this boost to production so early.”

“Great job with this guys! I really like the changes so far.  You may want to reconsider buffing the Roman hero fighting strength bonus and the Gaul will need a new bonus possibly.  he Teutonic bonus could always use a buff as well. I really do like the Egyptian bonus for heroes though.”

“The Huns have to raid from the beginning and need to be in an ally since early game, ally with defenders ready to send troops in reinforcement. While the Egyptians can stand alone for a good while. Let’s play more and see how things turn out!”

That last line should be our mantra for right now: Our brave Beta players keep playing and observing and our team will react to their feedback. So far, we are happy with what we are seeing but there is still a job do be done. Thanks to all our Beta players for helping us to make Fire and Sand even better, we are looking forward to the special as much as you do.

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