The Travian Vision for the Egyptians

Last time, we introduced you to our vision while creating the Huns for our annual special. A lot of thought went into creating the specific units and abilities of that new tribe. The same effort went into creating… Read More

The Travian Vision for Huns

When the Travian team decided to include two new tribes in this year‘s annual special, we did not make that decision lightly. It was a tough call to make but ultimately, we were extremely excited to come up… Read More

Fire and Sand: Feedback from the Closed Beta

Some of our players were lucky enough to take part in the Closed Beta of this year’s special with the title Fire and Sand. Those players were the first to really get to know The Huns and the… Read More

Travian: Fire and Sand – Round-Up

Heroes of Travian! The sound of war horns echoes across Ancient Europe once more. Players worldwide sharpen their blades in anticipation of this year’s annual special – Travian: Fire and Sand, launching September 2017. Now’s the perfect time… Read More

Summary of North-West -|+ on international qualification by Safiren

Turkey is concentrated to the area in center, but they also have clusters a bit farer out. Many of their accounts have been banned/deleted. 386 accounts in all.

Summary of South-West -|- on international qualification by Safiren

This is home to Dacia with 252 accounts. At first glance, it seems like it’s a good quad for simming towards the endgame, seven of the top ten in population are from this quad. There’s no significant competition… Read More

Summary of South-East +|- on international qualification by Safiren

This quad is home to HellasDT, a Greek alliance with 223 accounts. HellasDT has won the COM qualification round two times in a row. They are a well-organized alliance with experienced players. They have settled in the area… Read More

Summary of North-East +|+ on international qualification by Safiren

Time for maps! I like maps and I hope you find them interesting too. 🙂 I have a lot of reports, so I’m not sure if I have enough time to add them all, and I’m still waiting… Read More

Statistics of the 1st month of the international qualification server by Safiren

I’ve been asked about the same statistics for the other qualification servers. Don’t worry, they will follow soon.

New tribes, new buildings!

We already introduced you to the units, which the leaders of our new tribes will command in the next annual special. Now let’s take a look at the special buildings the Huns and the Egyptians will introduce to… Read More