Join us as we look back at some milestones in competitive Travian!

The Travian Tournament 2017 kicks off in less than two weeks and the preparations are in full swing. It’s the perfect time to look back at the fierce competitions that took place in the past years!

The Beginnings
We’ve come a long way from where we began: The first Travian Tournament took place in 2011 with 350,000 players from over 150 countries answering the call to arms and clashing for tremendous prizes and glory!

During the early stages of competitive Travian, servers used to have their own tournaments. Today, we challenge players to qualify and compete on 2 international servers and 4 group servers. Those who manage to enter the finals can look forward to relentless and closely-matched fights on a dedicated server.

If players could not secure a spot on the Finals’ server during the qualification, they can take part in a wildcard raffle for a last-minute entry.

What happened last year
In 2016, it was player obscure and his alliance чудотворцы (UNION) who was the first to build the Wonder of the World to level 100. Not only was did he get his hands on valuable prizes, but he will also go down in Travian’s history.
What happens this year
The success of the Travian Tournament continues into 2017. The gates will be opened on June 12th. If you don’t want to miss out on bloody battles and amazing prizes, make sure to rally your friends and pre-register today (!

Do you have what it takes to walk off with bragging rights and glorious incentives? Time will tell!

-The Travian Team