3 Questions for: Jake, Game Designer Pt. 1

Who makes Travian units stronger, weaker or more expensive? Our Game Designers! In our new blog series, we will ask Jake from our Game Design team a couple of serious and some silly questions. Today, we cover some basics about Jake‘s work.

What is the toughest part about changing and evolving a game that has history as the one of Travian?

The toughest part about changing Travian: Legends is to keep the main spirit of the game. There are so many things games do differently now than 10 years before, and it’s really tough to decide if something is good for the spirit, or if it would counter the original Travian: Legends feel.

What exactly is “balancing” and why is it so important?
Balancing is the craft to adjust numbers in a way that they align nicely in the big picture. And the funny part is that the goal is not “to have the perfect balance”… generally speaking it’s more a “Players should always have choices, where options make sense, and decisions are meaningful”.

What keeps a game designer energized the most? Coffee, Energy Drinks, Tea or deadlines?
Deadlines 😀 One issue with design in general is, there is always something which can be improved, something which can be discussed… and deadlines really help to finish a concept, and get stuff done.

We surely know how it feels to be energized by deadlines. In fact… this blog post was long overdue! Stay tuned for next time, when we talk about unites, inspirations and more!

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