Travian speaks your language! Fun facts from our localization expert

Sometimes it is easy to forget that Travian is a global phenomenon. After all, the version you are playing is probably in your native tongue. Whether you play in English or Hebrew on an international server, each and every sentence you encounter in Travian went through our localization process first. To help you understand what a huge undertaking it is to adapt Travian to different languages, our localization expert Robert gathered five fun facts for you..

First of all, there is the text length to consider:

The current Travian version consists of a bit more than 44,000 words, not including Answers. That’s three times the amount of a common master thesis!

Well ok, so it’s a huge amount of words. We get it. But how many languages do you translate our game into? No more than, let’s say… 10, right?

Actually, there is an astonishing amount of 38 language versions currently available for Travian: Legends.

Most impressive! This means, of course, that localization is a bit more than “just” translating the text. Other languages often correlate with entirely different cultures:

There are currently three active languages available that use a right-to-left text direction instead of left-to-right. Those are Arabic, Farsi (Persian) and Hebrew. But not only the text is mirrored. The whole UI has been adapted to accommodate the different text direction.

That sounds like a lot of work. Are there any changes in the world of Travian on other servers?

The Teuton building “brewery” is replaced with a teahouse (both the building name as well as the building graphic) on Arabic game worlds. This is done to accommodate to local laws as it is prohibited to promote any kind of alcoholic beverages.

From beer to tea – what a change! To finish this one up: did the localization department ever toy around with a truly crazy idea?

At one point, there even was a Latin language version available! _“Barbarus_ _hic ego sum,_ _quia_ _non_ _intellegor _ulli.”_

What could be more fitting than Latin? How did you like our fun facts? Is there anything you would like to know from our experts? Let us know!

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