Travian Legends: Time for more teamwork!



Fellow players,

whether you choose to play as a Roman, Gaul or as a Teuton, changes are coming to Travian. As we announced some time ago, we will implement two features we first introduced in our Rise of Alliances special into our normal servers.

We of course asked our community to give us feedback on the features you would like to see included and we have to thank you for your feedback. The dice has been cast and we can now officially confirm that the following two features will be included in all upcoming servers of Travian: Legends starting the 10th of May (no worries, servers that are currently running wont be affected).

Our international polls show, the things you liked most about Rise of Alliances were the Alliance Bonuses and the new Defense Point Calculation.

To refresh your memories: By using the Alliance Bonuses and investing resources in one‘s own alliance, the alliance grows stronger and every member profits from bonuses, like greater CP production, faster troop production, weapon and armor bonuses as well as a bonus on merchant capacity.

The amount of resources a player can donate is limited and resets on a daily basis. The player can spend gold to triple the size of their donation while paying the same amount of resources. Still, the daily limit the player has cannot be increased by spending gold.

The Defense Point Calculation will be changed. Usually the defense points for the top 10 defenders are granted to the defending village owner, even if most of the defending units do not belong to the owner but different players. This has been changed so that the defense points are split among all defenders based on the defending units supplied by them.

Sharpen your weapons and get ready for a new adventure!

Your Travian Team

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