In ancient Sparta, only the toughest Warriors lived and fought for their freedom. They managed to withstand several challenges in order to become of the best warriors in history. Even though the Spartan empire is long gone, Travian Games tried to walk in their footsteps. Enjoy reading, how we tried to become real warriors, too!  

As we wrote last week, a group of brave Travians participated in this year’s Spartan Race in Munich. Hosted by Reebok and the Ambulantes Kinderhospitz München, you could get on an 7+ km obstacle race and test your strength. Travian Games was also seen at the event:

On a beautiful and sunny Saturday, participants had to overcome more than 30 different obstacles. Whether it was climbing walls, crawling through mud, swimming or carrying heavy chains or sand bags, everyone was put to the test:

Our Team of Travians consisted out of members from various departments. Everyone was motivated and ready to beat the course!

After 2 Hours, the team reached the finish line and proved everyone, that Travians have a lot of Spartan blood in their veins. As we are also collaborating with the Kinderhospitz in Munich, a lot of Travian members helped volunteering at the event and supported the runners and visitors.

All in all it was a great event and we are really looking forward, coming back in the next year. There are already some cool Things planned, so have an eye on our Social Media Channels and this blog!


Your Travian Team