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Salve, glorious warriors. Today we invite you to join us on exciting stories about Mark Atilius, our Travian hero. The best thing is, that every story comes directly out of the community. Enjoy reading!

First things first: We recently asked the community, to finish a story, which we started. It is about Mark Atilius, our hero inside the Travian universe. The results were amazing! Therefore we decided to publish the best ones globally. The first story is from “Zia” and the second from “Brutsk”. Have fun reading and if you have your own story for Travian: Legends, feel free to comment or write us on our Social Media Channels!


Mark Atilius got off the horse and looked on the city which had been lying in the valley. Not a capital city definitely but not that small town with just a few streets, surrounded by tents where the soldiers of engineering cohort had lived when Mark first came here and where some time ago he met his old friend Lucius Tarquinius Lepidus.

“How long ago it was?” Mark asked himself. “Couple of years at least? This can’t be true! Time in constant adventures goes really fast!”

Mark knew that Lucius moved all the time, building new towns here and there, and that there was almost no chance to meet him here. The main construction works here were already completed, all minor things can be done without the Chief Imperial Architect.

The ex-caravan driver sat on a sheared tree. This was the exact tree where Lucius had been sitting when Mark brought his last caravan with the resources to this place, remembered Mark. He went deeply into his thoughts, recalling fine days of his last meeting with his old friend.

Suddenly a whistle noise attracted his attention. Carrying heavy bags on his back, a traveler went out of the corner whistling a popular melody. It was clear that he had walked a long way. The ex-caravan driver and the traveler saw each other at the same time. The stranger stopped.

But… was he really a stranger? Mark Atilius couldn’t get rid of the impression he had already met this guy.

“Where could I have seen him before? – he asked himself. – Oh, yes! This is the guy from the tavern in Solona, who I had helped to get back to his barracks. The one with a pike and a hatchet! Aurelius, isn’t it? But how he got there?”

“You passed the long way, an experienced stranger can always see it. – said Mark Atilius. – and seems I do remember you. What brought you back here, my friend?” – he asked…

…Zias story

“Nothing interesting” – Aurelius returned the wave and asked in turn – “and what adventure are you off to Mark?”.

Mark paused, contemplative.

“I’ve heard word of a fair maiden, in a far distant land, further than any Roman has travelled before”, he replied, hesitantly.

“Oho!” laughed Aurelius, “and who might this fair maiden be? A damsel in distress for the great Mark Atilius to rescue, perhaps?”

“Nay, she is a warrior like no other woman, but delicate too. They say she bathes in honey and milk, is as fair as the most beautiful rose, but as prickly and dangerous as its thorns. Not only that, she is a queen.”

Aurelius tilts his head, impressed. “What else do they say?”

“They say she is slender and dainty and fearsomely proud. Sharp witted, sharp tongued, she burns brighter than the sun. She is a snake-tamer, it is said, and as pure and pristine as a drop of moonlight.”

“This is not your taste, though,” remarked Aurelius. “Don’t you lust for adventure? Doesn’t your heart ache dreaming of fights and war? Does it not race more on the eve of battle, than any other time? What will people say, the famous Mark Atilius, chasing after a mere woman?”

“Well,” said Mark, a twinkle in his eye, “There’s to be a great tournament to win her hand. All the greatest heroes in the realm are expected to fight. It is for this battle, no other, that I must travel to Egypt.”

“Egypt! This queen is in Egypt?”

“Yes,” replied Mark. “And henceforth, I will be known as Mark Anthony, as that is the name I am entering the tourney under. I do not wish other fighters to know my name and fighting style.”

“Well, best of luck to you Mark Atil–Anthony. Give my regards to the queen, when you win her heart, after the bloodbath,” said Aurelius, before continuing down the road.

Mark watched him leave, still lost in thoughts of the battles up ahead. Little did he know that he was setting out on a path to become one of history’s most revered and tragic love stories. He had no idea he was to begin a journey on which his and the queen’s name would forever be entwined. Little did he know, he was soon to make history as one half of Anthony and Cleopatra.

He was soon to bring back his queen and introduce Egyptian civilization to the world of Travian, shocking the world to its very core. This would be an adventure from which there would be no return, nor reset to the past. This was the adventure, that would change everything.

… Brutsks story

“Nothing interesting” – Aurelius returned the wave and asked in turn – “and what adventure are you off to Mark?”.

Mark smiled broadly. His travels made it almost impossible to make friends and he rarely even saw people a second time, yet here was Aurelius, standing in front of him. “I’m not sure. I have been here for quite some time. I guess I haven’t had a reason to leave.”

Aurelius looked at him with regard. “I have heard tale of an oasis, in the far corner of the realm, that contains a vast treasure trove of riches. It is said one could live three lifetimes in luxury with the sum of it.”

Mark was only vaguely intrigued. He was not one who craved being wealthy, and certainly didn’t want servants or others waiting on him. He had been in this city for a couple of years and was becoming restless and the thought of staying in one place for the rest of his life made him uneasy.

“Nah, I’m never search for riches. I desire adventure.”

Aurelius grinned. “Well they say the treasure is guarded by a great dragon. Is that enough adventure for you?”

Mark’s eyes widened. He was raised on the stories of great dragons and epic warriors. Dragon scale was said to be stronger than iron, and armor made of it would make him the greatest warrior in the realm.

“So where exactly is the oasis?” Mark asked.

Aurelius held out a parchment. “I got this from a trader about three villages ago. Never really met anyone I thought could use it, so I held on to it.”

Mark stuck his hand out to reach for the parchment. Aurelius snatched his hand back. “Oh no! You can’t just take it. And before you ask, you cannot buy it from me.”

Mark stared. He had too many questions to even speak. Aurelius started walking past Mark.

Mark grabbed his arm. “Where are you going?”

Aurelius winked. “To get your stuff. I am tired of lugging supplies from place to place for a meager existence. We have an oasis to explore, and you have a Dragon to kill. Then you may do as you wish, but I plan to buy a huge estate and have servants waiting on me.”

Mark nodded his head and readied himself for the greatest adventure of his life.

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