“The sun was about to dip below the horizon when the first carts finally appeared in the far distance.” That was the first line, that introduced the new adventure of our nameless hero this Monday. Our players jumped to the chance to help him on his quest and also to win some gold.

The task at hand, when his journey began, was to figure out how many troops of certain types are currently stationed in a Roman village. The sum total of soldiers adds up to 5,555 men in the supposed “ideal balance”: “One Imperian for every ten Legionnaires, one Equites Imperatoris for every five Imperians, and one Equites Caesaris for every nine Equites Imperatoris.”

Most of you quickly calculated that this means, there must be 4,950 Legionnaires, 495 Imperians, 99 Equites Imperatoris and 11 Equites Caesaris stationed in the village.

But this was just the beginning. Long travels were ahead for the caravan, there was a battle at the horizon and through it all, our hero persisted. Thanks to your help, the riddles were easily solved and the challenges were met. We hope, you were lucky enough to win some gold – maybe you are about to, if you were able to answer all questions correctly.

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