Do you remember during last year’s special, when a legendary hero rose to the challenge and saved a settler from certain death?

Together with the wonderful people of our forums, we told the story of this brave adventurer and also asked our players to participate in his journey.

On his way, the traveler encountered many a task: challenges, riddles, logic puzzles and the like. With the help of our wonderful community, our hero was able to overcome his obstacles. Do you remember, for example when the nameless hero managed to secure rooms in an inn by solving this riddle:

Three friends – Marcus, Brutus and Titus – are famous merchants. Each sells separate goods on the market (though they don’t sell crop). They belong to 3 different tribes: Roman, Gaul and Teuton.
Marcus is not Roman, Brutus is not Gaul. Roman doesn’t trade lumber, Gaul trades iron. Brutus doesn’t trade clay.

To which tribe does Titus belong and which resource does he trade?

Many of our players concluded correctly: Titus is Roman and trades clay and hence, our travelers slept well that night. Yet, they were not the only ones who gained something from solving the riddle of the innkeeper: Among those in our forums, who answered correctly and timely, we chose some to award them with 30 pieces of gold each.

Now, our hero is back. He changed his profession and joined a caravan but he is still the same brave soul we know from last year: If there is adventure in sight, our nameless friends won’t be far away.

Join us, for another week of adventure, riddling and gold. We will be starting with the first entry of our new story right here, in our forums on the 27th of February. Believe us, when we say: only the smartest will get all the answers right!