Here we are at the end of another year. And what a year it was. 2016 will probably not be anyone’s favorite if we look back on global events but if we reflect on the world of Travian, we cannot help but smile.

Thanks to the best players we could wish for, everybody at Travian had a great year: You joined us in the Travian Prediction Game to celebrate the European Football Cup, told us your opinion about our merchandise in the newly launched Spreadshirt Shop and shared your gaming experiences.

Those of you who joined the fierce competition of the Travian Tournament even gave detailed reports that were so creative, we could not help but marvel at them.

At Travian, we try to give our players what they want. To help a significant amount of people with impaired vision, we introduced a colorblind feature earlier this year. While to meet the demand of a more classic Travian gaming experience, we designed the 2016 special, Rise of Alliances, to cater specifically to that audience and are very happy with how this turned out.

We cannot wait to continue along our path with you, our players. Without you, there would be no battles to fight and no buildings to upgrade. Here’s to a happy new year for everyone!