Get Ready for Rise of Alliances x2

You thought it was all over? It seems you do not know us very well, do you? In February, we will start another round of our succesfull annual special, “Rise of Alliances”. You, our players made the first Rise of Alliances the success it was. You not only played, conquered and vanquished but you also gave us invaluable feedback.

Based on this important feedback, we changed a few things about Rise of Alliances. One feature, many of you guys missed during the special was the adventuring hero. So in this year’s version of the special, you will be able to send your biggest gun out into the wilderness again.

He won’t go out there without a few tricks up his sleeves though, so items are also back in play. To deal with those, we also put silver and auctions back in the game.

To provide you with more of a challenge and a more thrilling game, the new round of Rise of Alliances will also be played on a double speed server. If you want to stay up to date when it comes the next round of Rise of Alliances, just keep checking our social media channels and our forums.

One Comment on “Get Ready for Rise of Alliances x2

  1. May I ask who told you adventures are missing??????? Auction too I assume? There was no survey for sure.
    Leave it as is please, merchants speed is the only problem on ROA that needs attention.

    Not like I gonna play 2x, but still.

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