Travian: Kingdoms – Kingdom / Alliance Merge

Your feedback is a critical element of how develop Travian: Kingdoms. Our latest update is based on it and today, we are introducing the gameplay and balance changes of the Kingdom/Alliance Merge.

New diplomatic challenges
The most important of all these changes is the merging of alliances and kingdoms: There is now only one diplomatic border, due to alliances no longer existing. Instead, we have implemented new mechanics that focus on kingdoms and the cooperation between kings, dukes and governors. To achieve this, we are boosting the role of dukes and distributing the responsibilities between all players within the kingdom.

Tribute changes
Asides from fighting off robber hideouts, dukes can now collect their own tributes from governors within their area of influence. Kings, of course, still receive their part: a quarter of those tributes will go to them. The caveat is that a continuous territory connecting both villages is necessary. Regarding treasuries, kings and dukes can build one treasury each by default, but additional treasury slots can be unlocked once 4,000 treasures are collected in the kingdom. The king, as the higher authority within the kingdom, will be able to decide whom to grant the new slot.

About Dukes and kingdom profiles
It will also be the king’s duty to unlock duke slots. These will be unlocked each time the king founds a new village or upgrades one into a city. Note however, that there can be only 4 dukes in the kingdom due to their increased power.

As the focus is shifted towards kingdoms, it is only fitting that we would offer the possibility to keep track of your dukes and governors properly with a redesigned kingdom profile. In this screen, you’ll be able to manage your kingdom and get an overview of all the dukes and governors of the kingdom, as well as different stats and rankings.

Long live the kingdom
Last but not least, kingdoms are no longer dependent on their founders: If a king abdicates, the strongest duke is automatically crowned as the new king. Our goal is to reinvent kingdoms as a stronger and more stable diplomatic unit in which its members cooperate closely with each other in order to succeed as a team.

To sum up the Kingdom/Alliance Merge:

• Complete overhaul: Alliances no longer exist
• Dukes can now collect tributes
• Treasuries are unlocked every 4000 treasures
• Dukes are limited to 4
• New kingdom profile
• Strongest duke is crowned king after king abdicates

That’s all we have to share for now. We hope you enjoy these changes. You can view the full changelog here. Be sure to check them out and sign up for Travian: Kingdoms. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback!

– The Travian Team

4 Comments on “Travian: Kingdoms – Kingdom / Alliance Merge

  1. You keep bringing out all these new servers which means numbers of players on the other servers are dropping drastically. The setup of the current servers is making for a very boring game, why you had to change the TS servers to include hero adventures etc I don’t know. The old style game was so much more of a challenge and more fun. So many people quit playing because of the boredom of the servers now. There used to be the numbers for several good alliances and 4 or 5 wonders being built. Now it is an achievement to get 2 maybe 3 built. Please do some work on the TS servers to bring back the challenge and the fun for everyone.

  2. it is all shit the new rules .

    i am king in the world de4 now and my dukes bekome third of i am more on tributs as i am .

    have anybody a bad start position so as i am in the world i am can delete me .

    Wonderfull new rules .

    with so i dont play travian more .

    and i am play it from began at 2004 .

  3. in a merged alliance’s king goes inactive, does the merger break up ? or a duke of the king take over the kingdom and all continues as usual ?

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