A brief review

A successful 2016 filled with exciting tasks, experiences and new projects now lies (almost) behind us. Following an amazing Christmas party, we are now quickly approaching the most festive days of the year.

Monkey business for Christmas?

Last year we could all take a closer look at a real DeLorean at our Christmas party. And during this year’s summer party, we held a raft race on Lake Chiemsee. So the question now was: How can we top those amazing events?

While, admittedly, the bar was set high, we came up with something very special. The Christmas party took place at Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich. More specifically, in the monkey house.

We met in front of the zoo gates in the evening. It was already dark and only a few trees were bathed in light. Following everyone’s arrival and a brief wait, we were led to the monkey house. We began our evening with some mulled wine in front of the entrance. Soon after, we were allowed inside the monkey house and – much to the joy of everyone – it was cozily warm inside.

After a short speech, the buffet was opened. People spread out in the monkey house and enjoyed the atmosphere and delicacies. We marveled at and photographed some animals that were (more or less) active in their terrariums and enclosures.

The animals on display included iguanas, anacondas and a caiman. Rumor had it that the caiman wasn’t even real, since it just lay on a stone without moving. But just as a group of onlookers discussed the matter, its neck started moving for a few deep breaths, which was met with loud murmurs by the guests.

Well, that’s sort of what crocodiles do all day: Lay around and warm up, which, considering the temperatures, makes a lot of sense.

What else happened?

There was some really tasty food on offer! Then people could take the opportunity to talk extensively with other colleagues. Even with colleagues they don’t normally get to see as much during hectic day-to-day business, or those they don’t directly work with. On this sort of occasion, there’s always the option to get talking with those people again and get to know a different side of them.

So 2016 is nearing its end and we can all be excited about what 2017 has in store for us.

On that note, we wish you a wonderful Christmas, many presents under your Christmas tree and a great start to 2017.

Yours, Anny